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Printworks London, the cavernous ex-haunt of the Evening Standard printing presses is a sight to behold. It has put its mighty fist through the wall and seized the title of ultimate new warehouse venue. Magnificent, mind blowing and yes, fecking freezing - a light rig descends from the heavens and steamrolls the crowd in neon. It is a sight to be seen.

Big guns Sub Focus, Friction, and Netsky reeled out some magic there as part of the UKF x Snowbombing showcase this weekend. Never made it into the Shogun Audio room (for shame!), predominantly because I could not find it - probably not the fault of the venue. Getting busy in the main room though were the likes of Dimension, who continues to be generally bad ass and demonstrate a steady lock to beast mode and Netsky, who was... er, very commercial.  Finally, finishing up proceedings was Sub Focus, who on the cusp of releasing his next single with Stylo G (check it below), took the night out on a high with his trademark style. 

The venue is glorious but has its teething problems. Locker queues, tokens (kill me), and a buzzing in my eardrums for three days straight which may signal either speaker issues or that it's time to take up earplugs. Never mind my niggles though as you'll be able to watch the whole shebang from the live stream soon and make up your own mind!

Plenty of swell stuff in the chart this week team, and if you're thirsty for more - the babblings of last week's chart

"Lingua" - Sub Focus ft. Stylo G [Virgin]


"Heartbeat" - Dub Elements [Viper VIP]

The build that has gone into 'Heartbeat' is actually tremendous - this here is the nuts. Massively looking forward to hearing more from these two.

"Criminal Thugs" - Jam Thieves [Playaz]

Bit late to the Jam Thieves party but this track is too sick to be left unloved ... it's the epitome of what I like in a tune. Nasty little bassline. 

"Monkey Kingdom" - Teddy Killerz [RAM Records]

Teddy Killerz throw another first rate audio temper tantrum.

"Dawn" - Culprate [Open Outlets]

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Big up the technical composition in this long-awaited tune - snares, leaps, tricks, twists - just bloody sexy really.

"Spychase" - InsideInfo [Viper Recordings]

InsideInfo is an absolute ledge and it's madness that he's only just coming out with his debut album, 'InsideInfo LP'. Enormous expectations going into this one - ENORMOUS. 

"Haste (Phace Remix)" - Emperor [Critical Recordings]

Charting this track predominantly because Phace describes himself as going down on Emperor... okay yes well, he actually says going down on Emperor's favourite track. I am 12-year-old boy apparently. Sorry team, you'll probably like this regardless of my immature perversions.

"Take Me" - Lakeway [Diffrent Music]

The first release from Lakeway after his sign to Diffrent Music two years ago - worth the wait we'd say! If you like your drum and bass grime-laced, give this a swill; think you'll find his incoming EP to your liking.

"I Will" - DRS ft. Patife and Vangeliez [Soul:r]

The bliss-bringer DRS comes with some Bone Thug vibes for those of you find yourselves feeling a little fragile today.

"Make Me Stronger" - Murdock ft. Jenna G [Viper VIP]

Viper is absolutely smashing it with their output of late! Northern (so you know she's sound) D&B vocalist, Jenna G, teams up with the Belgian producer Murdock in a slippery little massage for the soul. Ooohhh yesss...

One tidy little bundle:

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