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It's been a week that has flown by - and the weekend is edging closer once more. We've loaded up ten of the slickest, baddest trap and bass tunes for you to indulge in this Humpday. Enjoy! 

UZ & Two Fresh - "Stockholm White" (ft. Elliphant) 

A straight up gnarly collaboration between trap favourite UZ and hip hop act Two Fresh, this one takes you on a dark and twisted journey - which grows more intense as it goes along. 

With Elliphant on vocal duties, this one isn't to be slept on. 

JAEGER - "Sins"

This track will engulf you from its very first strains - what an intro! Hazy and experimental in its melodic layering, JAEGER is thinking well outside the box for this release.

Production-wise, this is super sharp. We're hooked. 

Jordan Comolli - "Alone" 

This is another tune that is all about the build ups, and we managed to miss it when it first landed. It's all about the heady blend of texture and rhythm here, and the result is a stunning soundscape. 

Be sure to give this a few plays and you'll understand this one's appeal. 

Zomboy - "Lights Out" (Rickyxsan Remix) 

It's not hard to understand the hype surrounding LA hailing Rickyxsan when you hear this addition. Taking dubstep slayer Zomboy's "Lights Out," this bold producer completely switches it on its head. 

That ravey, pumping intro descends into a chaotic trapped out breakdown, and then some. Insane production right here. 

QUIX & Ian Munro - "Purple Ford Falcon"

Two of the hottest names in future bass have joined musical forces for "Purple Ford Falcon," a rap inspired cut that has serious staying power. 

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With its roving verses and pounding drops, QUIX & Ian Munro have destroyed it with this collab. 

Sia - "The Greatest" (KALM Remix) 

This one is here to calm things down a little, but this is still a cracking edit. Taking on Sia's wildly popular single is the talented KALM. 

The added groove that sits on this rework is awesome, and it still has that gorgeous ebb and flow - we approve. 

Blvk Sheep - "Free" ft. Mona Moua

The more we hear from Blvk Sheep, the more we're digging his tunes. It's not hard to see why with this Flume-esque sound, which features the fantastic Mona Moua on vocals. 

Serene in all the right places and choppy where it needs to be, Blvk Sheep has pulled out all the stops. An essential listen. 

Sirk & Edro ft. Katrina Barr - "Pridefall"

Here we have another must-hear collaboration, and this one is presented by Puerto Rican producer Sirk & Edro, Again striking an electronic note, "Pridefall" is feel-good through and through. 

With a shimmering use of riffs, smooth synths and Barr's uplifting tones, this one will sound incredible on dance floors. 

Benasis - "Sittin On 24's"

Ooooof! This free download is impossible to hear and not feel a little badass. Understated with raw-edged vocals, the breakdown is bassy and stuttering, just as we like it. 

Anything Julian Benasis attempts, he hits it on the head. This is another prime example of his studio skills... 

Castor Troy - "Always Have" 

Here's something sublime and drenched in chill vibes to complete our top ten this week. Castor Troy shows great contrast between offbeat 808s and flowing piano riffs, with the whole track moving with ease. 

The melody here is so richly layered - and just watch for that sudden surge in tempo mid-way through. Awesome. 

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