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Well, we finally made it through January - and the thought of a fresh(er) start in February has got us all a little hyped. 

Check out this week's extensive low-down on some hot trap sounds... be sure to turn the volume up, as things are going to get pretty serious. 

Snareskin & Holly - "Never Lost" 

Dripping with odes to hip hop but staying super fresh in its future production quality, "Never Lost" is an addictive sound that keeps fizzing and building to its super-charged drops. 

Let this one wash over you a couple of times - you won't regret it. 


Available as a free download, this dynamite collaboration manages to combine heaps of different influences as it drives along in powerful style. Weighty in all the right places and laced with a gritty edge, "Osiris" isn't for the faint-hearted. 

We're pretty shattered after the first listen... 

King Peanuts - "Nobody Knows"

Extracted from his new LP "Electronic Kingdom", "Nobody Knows" is a straight-up thriller, and sounds as though it has come directly from a film soundtrack. 

With menacing energy and urgency, this tune is next level - and King Peanuts is likely to keep getting better over the next eleven months. 

Aero Chord - "Resistance" 

Another explosive addition to this chart, Monstercat have done a great job securing "Resistance." Littered with stuttering vocal chops and exploding drop sequences, we love the use of brass here.

If you need to shock out this weekend, look no further! 

LAXX - "Noise" 

Ah, LAXX. This is an artist who can't seem to produce a bad piece of music. Also up for grabs as a freebie, 'Noise" shows off the UK creator's sound design to perfection. 

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With stadium sized guitars and pounding builds, get ready to lose yourself with this track. 

Riot Ten - "Missing You" (feat. blvkkhvrt)

Far less intense than some of the others on here, Riot Ten has done a wicked job on this chilled out number. Smooth, sensual vocals lie over an expansive bottom-line, moving with fluidity throughout. 

"Missing You" feels like floating - just a couple of plays will have you feeling zen AF. 

Point Point - "Part Of The Game"

Not necessarily classic trap here, but the sounds of French electronic act Point Point aren't to be slept on. This one comes from the guys at Ultra, and it blends electronica and softly bubbling bass elements gloriously. 

Again, another collective to keep a firm eye on in 2017. 


This one has you hooked from the very first moment with that blissed out vocal intro, and let's be honest, this is a excellent remix. 

Building with progressive energy, the understated but dynamic breakdown of "THE LITTLE THINGS" gets more intense as the tune continues. Big! 

ChildsPlay - "Hooligan" 

Just in case you missed this one... this is a massive sound from ChildsPlay, and seems to get better each time you hear it. 

Huge whirs, stammers and rhythmical madness - "Hooligan" has it all. 

Milkshake - "Sugar Free" 

Mega fresh fuel for your ears here - and this one bangs. Thunderous, and produced to the highest level, "Sugar Free" combines vocals and bass drops like no other this week. 

Don't be fooled by the sweet title.. you're in for a riot. 

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