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It goes without saying that January 2017 was historic and not soon to be forgotten. I could list the ways, but it seems like the media's got that covered on an up to the minute basis. But, I'll go with what I know, and that's good music. Here is some of the best music that soundtracked the first month of the new year. 


Migration by Bonobo

Bonobo has been the leader in the downtempo electronica game for some time, but in twenty seventeen, he's transcending. Migration is intricate, intimate. It's a poetic album that sounds sultry, powerful enough to make even the most casual of lovers swoon. 

With one of the most credible group of features I've ever seen, Bonobo enlists amazing vocalists Rhye and Nick Murphy for tremendous effect. He may have released this album in January, but it's the perfect album to soundtrack any Valentine's Day tryst. It's also quite possibly my favorite album of the year - full disclosure.

Matthew Dear DJ Kicks Compilation

Here is a heater of a DJ Kicks compilation. Matthew Dear is a master when it comes to music. He makes anything he does with such a confidence that you know it must be the exact sort of excellence he was striving for in the studio. When you press play on this compilation, you're going somewhere. There may be dragons, there may be vibes, there are guaranteed good times. Oh, and the exclusive track "Wrong With Us" is going to stick with you...

I See You by The xx

Lovers rejoice, The xx are back! In my opinion, they are sounding more Jamie than ever. While the xx went on a very well deserved hiatus, Jamie xx released his second solo album In Colour and seems like he brought back all lessons learned and poured them gracefully into this album. I See You is jubilant and forgoes the forlorn heartache from previous albums. The result is The xx are singing to us again, but more than that, making us dance again. Thanks for that kiddos.

Future Politics by Austra

Austra's voice is transportive. She sings her enchantments to take you on an optimistic exploration of how the personal is political, and how important that is today more than ever. Austra provides a respite that isn't quite an escape, but a pause to orient yourself in a world that seems to be getting weirder and weirder.

Future Yesterday by Kbit

Kbit done did it. Kbit got the ear of Magnetic's very own David Ireland, and that's an ear that knows goodness when it hears it. This album is "a stunning blend of 80s influences that will blow you away." 

"Rarely do I get an album and immediately go into a tailspin, most of the time I need to let a record grow on me and spend some time with it before I start to gush. Not this one, I was hooked after about 20 seconds." - David Ireland

Culture by Migos

Rain Drop, drop top, you can't escape the new Migos album even if you live under a rock. Their new album Culture is making waves, so give it a listen if you want to know what the kids are bumping in the hip hop & rap game nowadays.

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Young Fathers "Only God Knows"

Danny Boyle's sequel to Trainspotting is almost upon us, and T2 couldn't be anything without a smashing soundtrack. Young Fathers "Only God Knows" is apparently the crème de la crème of the soon to be in heavy rotation T2 original soundtrack. 

"Trainspotting, the original book is like a modern Ulysses. It’s unsurpassed I think, and reading it is still like the ‘rush of ocean to the heart.’ You're always looking for the heartbeat of a film. For Trainspotting it was Underworld's ‘Born Slippy.’ For T2 It's Young Fathers. Their songs are my heartbeat for the film. And ‘Only God Knows’ is that rush again. The ocean. The heart." - Danny Boyle

Arcade Fire featuring Mavis Staples "I Give You Power"

By far the best of all the politically charged songs that came out around the POTUS inauguration. It's a bold reminder from the innovative Arcade Fire of the democratic essence that's gotten us to where we all are today.

Joe Goddard "Music is the Answer"

Hot Chip's Joe Goddard is going solo again with an album being released in April - Electric Lines. The lead single from the record is "Music is the Answer", and I'll let a Facebook post from Joe Goddard set up the tune:

"'Music Is the Answer, To Your Problems, Keep on Moving, And you can solve them'"I don't think the sample is referring solely to someone dancing away their worries in a nightclub - I think it also means that in order to overcome our problems we need to stay positive, stay focused and keep moving forward with our lives. Problems are only insurmountable when we lose hope and become paralysed by fear. I sampled these words to remind myself to keep moving forwards and to never give up." - Joe Goddard

Tiga "Eye Luv U"

Co-produced with Paranoid London, the beguiling Tiga gives us a track that pays homage to the dearly departed Prince and also draws inspiration from when Tiga played in a Pyramid. Playful, innovative and every ounce of it oozes with definitive Turbo Recordings techno. This is a tasty Tiga treat. 

Sampha "(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano"

Sampha's a once in a lifetime voice, a once in a lifetime artist. His voice connects so sweetly and so deeply. Get ready to be moved by this touching single from his new album. 

Jamiroquai "Automaton" 

When we need the funk the most, Jamiroquai returns to us! This album is going to be something special, and it's all sorts of neon Tronfunkadelica. He's even got a new robot hat!

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