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Alex Mills Shares With Us Her Most Ridiculous Moments In the Music World

Losing half a tooth and accidentally getting dragged into a rich person's fetish party is just the tip of the iceberg.

Being a touring DJ means seeing some crazy shit sometimes. We sat down with Alex Mills to learn about her craziest moments in the entertainment world 


Get you friends who always have your back

Ok so I’m trying to dig deep into my memory to find some juicy moments as I have a terrible memory and low and behold luckily I didn’t have to rewind too far. So last week I went to an after party and got very drunk with some of my faves. It was in a massive and very swanky/cool house in Dalston. The guy whose house it was (my friends colleague) had 2 rooms of fancy dress clothes and wigs so we did what any self-respecting person would do and attempted to put on everything. I eventually settled on a Deirdre Barlow wig and bowler hat and cracked on. I recall teaching someone how to Dutty Wine and explaining what Bogleing was and thats all I can remember. All sounds pretty civilised right!... The next thing I know I am being walked to the car to go home where it was explained I had fallen asleep on the guys couch for a good couple of hours while the party continued but then apparently woke up still mashed and half asleep and pulled down my pants in the middle of the party like I was about to take a piss on said lovely couch. Luckily my good friend quickly pulled my pants back up in time and the other one who had seen me out of the corner of her eye distracted everyone else so no harm was done. The fact any full blown embarrassment was averted makes this a pretty epic party moment/save. Thanks ladies! You know who you are. The worst thing is though that this is not the first time I have done this. Moral of the story. Don’t invite me to your gaff ;)

Partying with Ricky from Eastenders...

One new years eve in Dubai I had just done a PA at the infamous Atlantis Palm hotel. I thought it was a huge and beautiful mosque until someone explained that was where I would be singing. After my performance we got hella drunk, partied to the Hot Creations DJ’s and enjoyed what could only be described as the most extravagant fire work display I had ever seen. Being there alone, was enough to make the list but the decadence and finery were not what made it special. The reason this night was special was because Ricky from Eastenders (a bafoonish British soap opera star) was partying 2 feet away from us and as the clock struck midnight we all did the standard hurrahs and picture shots. Just at that moment though Ricky was going in to kiss someone and I accidentally snapped him mid air kiss. It looked like he was doing the most bizarre pout and unfortunate timing meant his mouth looked like a puckered up bum-hole. Being quite crass people both me and my bf found this hilarious and kept bussing up looking at it. We then proceeded to quietly sing his reggae version of ‘Good thing going’ to each other all night until we couldn’t remember the words anymore and just sang ‘His reggae song, his reggae song’. I feel kinda bad telling this story. Ricky if you're listening we love you and we have now destroyed the picture!

Dancing in the rain!

After a boozy night out and carrying on the party back at mine. I remember dancing in a rain storm in the car park at the bottom of my old block (on the isle of dogs) with a few friends like born again hippies who hadn’t got the memo that the sixties were over. We also went roller blading and thought it would be a bright idea to go down to the Thames as the shore had gone out. As you can imagine doing this in rollerblades and under the influence resulted in us being caked up the eye balls in mud and stinking thames water. It was great fun though!

Thames Mud

Partying like a real rockstar

My boyfriend and I were invited to one of the coolest weddings ever! It was 2 years ago on a private island in the Turks & Caicos. It was literally a three-day party and it was nothing short of amazing! Jason Streatham and Nora Jones were both there and we stayed in Donna Karen's mansion which was pretty surreal. We met some amazing people but going crazy dancing with everyone on the beach to 'This Must Be The Place' (which is me and my bfs fave song) was pretty magical.

Turks & Caicos
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Learning how the rich party...

I performed at a billionaires birthday party once in Hong Kong and they had flown in feather dancers from Ibiza, sumo wrestlers from Japan and Geisha girls. They also flew in some girls who are residents at The Box New York and if you have ever seen a show at the box you would know we were in for a treat. They too were dressed as Geisha's too and wouldn’t tell us what their show consisted of but insisted we should just watch. I had already done my performance so we went to see the pies te resistance. It started off pretty civilised then got progressively raunchier. They then stripped each other and one did a line of coke off the other one's bum. Still pretty tame at this point. Then the one who was stood up pushed her pants to the side and squirted into the other one's mouth. They whole party was completely gob smacked. The police were called and they locked off the party. However being a billionaire meant that it was only locked off for half and hour and then the debauchery started back up again. I remember waking up in my hotel room in a kimono and filthy socks.

Canada Ranch

Getting psychedelic

Magic mushrooms in the Canada hills. Last year I went on an amazing road trip with my cousins and boyfriend. We drove from Vancouver to Los Angeles and back again all while my cousin was 3 months pregnant. She is amazing and never lets anything stop her. When we arrived back to Canada she organised a big party to reveal the sex of her baby. Me and my other cousin were the only people who knew the sex as the doctor just told us so it stayed a surprise for the party. She lives on the most picturesque ranch in one of the most beautiful corners of the Earth and I thought it would be cool to get the whole party to do a treasure hunt to find the revealing envelop. I wrote funny rhyming clues and everyone joined in. It was so much fun very competitive and beautiful to be a part of their big moment. Even though she couldn't drink she went all out and had a big fire pit, BBQ, decks and even a portaloo. Some of her cool DJ friends were passing through on a festival tour and they happened to have some magic mushrooms. Now its impolite to refuse food so I had a little nibble. Drinking Beer and Clamato juice in her hot tub and feeling like the door mouse from Alice in Wonderland while watching the stars in the Canadian countryside was pretty special.

TFW you wake with half-a-tooth missing

The epic save moment. I actually can not remember what the party was which means it must have been good! But I once woke up with half a tooth missing. I was due to perform with Roll Deep in manchester that afternoon and it was my first show with them (bright idea getting smashed the night before a gig) I actually had a friend who worked as a dental nurse and woke her up at stupid o clock and begged her to ask her dentist to fix it... on a Saturday! He was a very lovely and kind human being, she is a force of nature and I was a very lucky girl. He capped my tooth and off I went to manchester still half cut but with a smile that didn’t look like i’d been chewing bricks. Thank you Hannah, you are an angel.

Hong Kong

Ain't no party like a teenage party 

A house party age 15 at my friends house when her mum was away. Her mum was the opposite of chill and easy going so this was already a rookie mistake. After a lot of drinking everyone was feeling pretty spicy and it had rolled in to the day after but we were still going strong. Disheveled and waffling shit we chose to worry about the cigarette burns and ash crushed in to the carpet, the broken glasses and picture frames, the missing eyebrows, the friends joining us from Blues and the randoms who we now saw as soul mates at a later time. It was only when I saw her little brother run in front of the patio doors and stand staring at us all for what felt like an eternity that I got up and ran to alert my friend who was upstairs. I only made it to the front door when her mum walked in to see the state of us all and started screaming wtf is going on and going mental. Like true friends we didn’t hang around to find out what happened next but needless to say we were billed for the damage. A few of us then jumped in a cab to my house and the taxi driver was informed that he was actually over capacity. That there was in fact 5 people in his car…The fifth being a brick my friend had become inseparable from that he named Ebineezer and who stayed with us for the remaining duration.

Meeting your hero

My first house release was a song dear to my heart called Love Connection with the Fanatix and it was during this time I was asked to perform with Masters at Work at Baglys in Kings cross. This was such an epic party moment and to top it off I remember one of my favourite artists being there, Monique Bingham, who let me chew her ear off and pick her brain about music and lyrics. That made this a pretty awesome night.

After Party the other night

Being a proud sister

Watching my sister play the main room in Fabric!! My big sister (DJ Georgie Girl) has had a massive influence on me and my music taste growing up. She started DJing from the age of 16 and has a huge collection of wax. Granted her taste is much more underground than mine now but we are very close in age and very much grew up sharing the same love of all things House. She once took me on a tour of china with her and I free styled over all her sets. Supporting her whenever she plays always makes for an epic night.

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