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Funky Fresh Fire back at it again to deliver ya’ll those crispy disco & funk selects! After SXSW 2017 gave us one of the craziest weeks of our lives, we've been recovering by scouring soundcloud for some fresh new vibes. To show for it, we've got a grab bag of tracks on here guaranteed to make you feel some type of way! Don’t believe us? Scroll down click play and get to dancing… or singing… or both! As always, playlist is at the bottom! Enjoy!

“Instant Pressure” - Nebraska - Razor-N-Tape

Straight #cavemusic on this one! Cozy on up to Nebraska’s latest release, a prehistoric chunker that’ll fill you with you with that ancient low-fi heat. This one brings you wayyyy back to the basics; like “discovering fire”, banging on a log basics.

“Morning Shift” - Projecto Pablo - Spring Therapy

The slow-building nature of this song makes it the perfect morning tune to start your day! Project Pablo throws in a catchy drum beat on top of a slow building piano hook to really give you that mellow morning feel. Listener beware, you might not get out of bed!

“Sunrise Over North” - Jeff Swiff - Outsourced Collective

Another perfect morning tune here! We recommend listening to this one right after “Morning Shift”. Jeff Swiff is one of the many DJ’s and producers putting out material on the Outsourced Collective. Would definitely recommend checking out their Soundcloud and the vast amount of artist on the collective. Some good stuff!

“Call On You” - Mitiko - Fruity Flavor

This tune right here is as simple, sleek, and catchy as they come. Mitiko throws a sweet hook on top of a slow building bassline to bring you that mellow “Call On You” love feeling. In other words, this song exemplifies that awkward loving feeling you get when calling that special someone for the first time.

“Misantropicalia” - Terr - Kitsuné Musique

Kitsuné coming in hot with a killer electro roller that would fit perfectly on the soundtrack for GTA: Vice City (which Randy cites as his most impactful musical influence). You’ll want to hop into your VCPD Cheetah and tear down some neon-filled straightaways once this one comes on.

“Mellotron Singing” - Jay Airiness - Spa In Disco

Do you like to get weird? We sure do, and Jay Airiness really hit our funny bones on this one. We couldn’t really say WHY we liked this song, but all we know is that we came back for seconds…. And thirds…

“Come to LA (French Horn Rebellion Remix)” - Pretty Sister

We’ll be the first to admit that the lyrics on this one would probably get a C- from our 7th grade English teachers. But nobody needs poetry when you’ve got a funky-ass bassline and a pick-em of stellar hooks and breaks. French Horn Rebellion never disappoints.

“A View of Istanbul” - Aimes - Nang Records

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Brooklyn based AIMES is well renowned for his mastery of swirly and driving synths that amble through his tracks and yet somehow provide a powerful sense of urgency and direction. This one is absolutely no exception, and we certainly feel lucky to have been invited onboard the S.S. Groove.

“Hard Times” - Billy Cee & The Freedom Express – Mukatushu Records

Talk about a perfect song to be the 50th release on a label! This song features some beautiful vocals and a funkadelic bassline. With a song this happy, hard times can’t really be that bad? What hard times?!

“I Choose You” - Pinto - Cruise Music

Another disco heater coming at ya from New York City, the disco epicenter of the world! This one is definitely the most upbeat heater on this list! Pinto does a great job of blending a classic vocal into a dance floor scorcher. Bring on that bass!

“Nothing Wrong” - Wayne Snow - Tartelet Records

“Nothing Wrong” is one of the many beautiful songs off Wayne Snow’s freshmen album. Definitely recommend scoping the release and copping the whole thing! This song features beautiful vocals that reassure that special someone that nothing’s wrong and everything is all good!

“Please Call Me Again” - Arma - Body Check

Arma straight crushes it on this track! The overall jazzy nature of this song with upbeat high-hats and some sweet vocals has this one Funky Fresh Fire approved! Give it a listen!

“Club Walls” - Zuntyh

This song comes as a present from Zuntyh to fire you up for a new EP dropping soon! Everyone loves presents and a good song!This one has an overall housey-disco feel that will get you out of your chair and into your go-to dance move! 

"Eyes On you (Maratta Remix) - Figgy 

Maratta's remix of Figgy's "Eyes on you" will take you on a spiritual journey! Close your eyes, press play, and get ready to ride the pine! We have our eyes on you Maratta! Thank you for this beauty of a song!

 "With The Funk feat the Bermudas (WBBL Remix) - Slynk & Megan Hamilton

Slynk has done it once again! This time with help from the Bermudas, Megan Hamilton and WBBL! Just as the title suggest this one is funkalicious! From the cool funk rap to the wavy synth to the heavy funk bassline this track has it all! Take a listen! Now! 

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