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Bingo Players, Morgan Page, and Dirtyphonics Show Us How to Do MMW in Style

Cuban food Puerto Sagua, Nikki Beach, and La Sanwicherie make for a good time in Miami.
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With MMW heading our way, we had just one question- how do established DJs spend time in the city? In-between their insane schedules that comprise of interviews, sets, and extensive partying, the DJs of today have racked up quite a bit of knowledge about Miami in the spring. 

We got some veteran DJ's to share with us their favorite spots in Miami during the Winter Music Conference. From eating at the best sushi spots to chilling on the beach, these guys know how to do the city in style! 

Bingo Players


Puerto Sagua - Some of the best Cuban food I’ve had in Miami. Love the family-style atmosphere.Quality Italian - Italian food is a personal favorite and this place is a good pick for a date or a meeting. The vibe is a bit more upscale and classy but the food is still great.

Nikki Beach - The home of Bingo Players’ annual Bingo Beach event! Can’t wait to party with everyone this year... From the lineup to the decorations to the swag, we’re pulling out all the stops to bring you a unique experience!!LIV - One of my favorite clubs in Miami. The production is on point and the staff make you feel like a star ;) The whole operation is run at a high level.

Fontainebleau - Great pool and such an iconic design. When you stay at the Fontainebleau, you know you’re getting the true Miami experience.


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Morgan Page

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Jugofresh- Escaping the day parties for a run on the beach, a stop at Jugofresh in South Beach, then walk the boardwalk at night to avoid the chaos on the main streets.

Lincoln Rd/Nobu- The outside area at on Lincoln Rd is great! Crucial to know what to order but I definitely recommend the tacos because they are amazing. Otherwise Nobu in South Beach is also great if you’re looking for something more upscale.

La Sanwicherie- La Sandwicherie is another favorite spot for late night eats, especially after a gig.

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Katsuya South Beach- Miss your sushi joint from home? Go try the lobster roll or the Wagyu Gyozas - fun place to go to for people watching and MMW has a great selection of specimens. 

The Beach-  You may want to take a breather from the pool parties and blasting EDM so head to the beach to get a taste of the Atlantic Ocean and watch the planes drive by with parties flyers.

The Frieze Ice cream factory-  If curing your hangover isn’t your thing, try their Jack Daniels flavor..on ice ;)

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