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Celebrate the Birth of STRCTD Records With their Debut Deep House EP

Their debut release will be a compilation on March 17.

Who else out there loves to discover new music and find a song which captures perfectly how you feel? Whether you’re just sitting in the office with headphones on -flicking through music when you should be working-, dancing like a loony while blasting music at home, or working on that mix and finding those tasty new tunes puts you in the mood to vibe, if you're anything like us, you're always on the hunt for new music. Well, the lads and ladies at STRCTD Records have helped you along the way to having the freshest house vibes to tantalize your friends with. They're a brand new label based in the south of France, and while they are still young, it hasn’t stopped them filling the EP full with Deep House delights.

STRCTD Records Fair EP gathers various artists originating from Germany, England, France and Spain and brings with this worldly affair some serious Deep House Vibes. The EP is an excellent representation of the European house music scene with Matthieu Faubourg, Dub Striker, Harrison BDP, and ManooZ each having an original track which stands testament to their individual roots and their combined passion for the fuller richer sound that comes with doing things the old way, e.g. vainly and old machines.

STRCTD Records Fair EP is out March 17 and will be available from all good record stores.

Track List

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A1 - Matthieu Faubourg - Please, Stay

A2 - Dub Striker - Mood

B1 - Harrison BDP - Decompression

B2 - ManooZ - Tinted Windows

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