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Contest: EMX Is Bringing Esports and Music Together in A New Daring Event

Esports Arena will host the event from March 24-26 in Santa Ana.

There hasn't been a lot of effort to combine e-sports with the world of music quite yet, but the guys behind EMX are looking to change that with their latest event. By bringing the two vastly different worlds together, they hope to pave the way for a new kind of experience that will bring forth a unique crowd that'll experience something never been done before.

COO and co-founder of Esports Arena Tyler Endres notes about their new experience- 

“We’re not forcing a DJ in between games, We’ve seen this fail everywhere. We’re building relevant music programming that esports followers and fans of these artists can simply enjoy after the competition throughout the weekend.

We want to authentically bring music to esports events and esports to music events. Right now music events and festivals are desperate to differentiate themselves from one another, EMX can provide fresh participation and exposure. Esports organizers have been imposing music acts on events for a few years now and it almost always is a rough fit. We think through our teams background in both industries we can best bring these worlds together."

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We've teamed up to offer a pair of tickets to give away. All you have to do is email by March 19th to win!

More information about the event can be found here, and for those looking to grab tickets without the contest, snag them here

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