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I have had many experiences in the last few years touring as a DJ, but if I had to choose the highlights and the craziest ones, it would be the following seven!


Monegros Desert Festival (Fraga, Spain)

It was the first time I played in front of 15,000+ people under the heat of the sun in the middle of the desert, with a great quality sound system. I’ve always been a great fan of the rave format and this experience is unique and not replicable. A big group of my friends and ready to party joined me, which made this even more special. I just hope to return to Monegros as soon as possible, it was the only time I’ve felt, performed and partied properly haha. 


Parklife Festival (Manchester, United Kingdom)

After my performance there last year, Parklife is one of my Top 5 favourite festivals. The first two hours were a bit awkward, as it’s no place to wear an almost new pair of white sneakers. If you want to live a music experience with a lot of mud, here is the right place to be. Possibly, the most energetic crowd I’ve performed to in my entire career. Long live Parklife Festival!


Elrow Closing Party at Space Ibiza (Ibiza, Spain)

This day was very special and emotional. We started with a crew dinner with the DJs and promoters, and we spoke about how important Space Ibiza was for all of us, the hours we spent listening to the best DJs and dancing to their music, and how much we were going to miss all of that. I had a tremendous responsibility that night, as I had to do the closing set - the last ever session of elrow at Space Ibiza in history. I will never forget those two hours, surrounded by friends and the last track that disappeared with a fade out, with 8,000 people screaming as a goodbye… I must say that was such a memorable moment!

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Elrow at Dreambeach Festival (Almería, Spain)

My debut at this massive festival was a closing set in the last day, after four days of partying. My set started at 5am, so at midnight I was totally relaxed at the hotel, with the idea that I was going to play for just 5-6 thousand people and that they would be tired. To my surprise, when I arrived at the place at 3am I found that there were more than 25,000 people jumping inside the perfectly executed production by elrow. I was a quite nervous during the first 10 minutes of the session, but after that everything was so smooth, and I managed to keep that huge crowd under control… It has been one of the most important gigs for me and my career to date.


Elrow at Mamita’s Beach BPM Festival 2014 (Playa del Carmen, México)

This party will be marked in my memory forever. It was elrow’s first party at BPM Festival - the local contacts for the building and production team were limited, and the local support team didn’t last two hours there with us. I had to do part of the building tasks all night long along with Juan Arnau Jr. (elrow’s CEO) and the production manager. We finished at 9am as best as we could, just two hours before doors opening. Looking back, it was actually pretty fun!


Fabric London (London, United Kingdom)

When I found out I had been booked to play at Fabric I screamed with joy! I’ve always dreamt of making the crowds of people at this legendary venue dance like never before. And to have been given the opportunity to do it with the Kaluki crew, one of the most active brands in the UK that has strongly supported my work, was doubly rewarding! I will always remember that great night! Room 2’s vibe is unreal!


Elrow Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

To this day, this is the most incredible place that I have ever performed at. Simply because I could be playing in pyjamas, barefoot and half asleep... and all would still be perfect! It is my second home, all bad things always stay out of this place, the crowds feel the party 100% and the venue is just magical! <3

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