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EXCLUSIVE MIX + INTERVIEW: Natasha Kitty Katt Brings Some Serious Disco Fever to Women's Day!

Disco Diva, Natasha Kitty Katt, spins some disco love on Magnetic's Soundcloud for Women's Day!

Today, March 8th, is an internationally recognized day called Women's Day. On behalf of a holiday that celebrates women, Magnetic Mag has invited the Disco Diva of Edinburgh, Ms. Natasha Kitty Katt, to spread some soul all over today and give all of us women something to boogie about! 

Natasha Kitty Katt was born officially in 2012. Her predecessor or A.K.A., Natasha Probert, was a young gal raised in Edinburgh, UK, but by a father who was as obsessed with record collecting as she eventually became. Coming from a strong background of the Modern Soul genre, her household had everything from Bobby Womack to Bill Harris, Esther Phillips to Charles Johnson, Loleatta Holloway to Teddy Pendergrass gyrating out of her father's player (could I possibly drop any more names?!). Did I mention her parents also frequented many music events & weekenders all throughout her youth?

Catch this ravenous young woman conquering the art of Disco in the modern world at events such as Southport Weekender, Liverpool Disco Festival, Ladies on Rotation at Skybar, Edinburgh or as far as, 260 Sunstroke in Dubai when she isn't hosting her own Ghetto Disco Show with her pops! And for the special day, Natasha Kitty Katt has taken the time to create an exclusive mix for Magnetic Mag's Soundcloud and spend some time chatting away with us: 

MM: When was Natasha Kitty Katt born? Why Kitty Katt?

NKK: Haha, I am glad you asked me this question! "Kitty Katt" has been a name that has stuck with me for years. The reason behind it is for my ever-apparent obsession with cats. I have always wanted a cat since I was a child and finally I have my own baby, Atlantis the Persian! I spell the name "Katt" with double "T" as its Swedish for Katt and Natt Katt means Night Cat.

MM: What moves you about Disco & Soul music? Where does love for it get strong enough that you want to dedicate your style to it?

NKK: Disco moves me with its energy and positive connotations. The sound of quality disco is my "happy" place. Soul with its raw passion and the ability to draw me to tears or take me to a place in time that invokes pure nostalgia. I love both genres extensively.

MM: What was your first live show as Natasha Kitty Kat? How did it go? What were some of the first challenges you faced as a new artist?

NKK: I had done a few gigs as just Natasha Probert (far too boring for my liking!) and decided to do my first gig with Ladies on Rotation at the sky bar with Natasha "Kitty Katt". For years people told me to ditch it and as the name was too gimmicky, but I stuck to my guns as there is nothing gimmicky about the music I play, well, maybe apart from a few album covers!

13668743_10154383926277806_7928695187433232843_o (1)

MM: You have been billed at Southport Weekender, alongside a line-up of almost all male performers. How did that make you feel?

NKK: It is an absolute honor to be on that lineup and I am forever grateful for it. Gender isn't something that ever occurs to me in all honesty. I have always been someone that does what they want to do regardless of it :-)

MM: What motivated you to start, Ghetto Disco Records? When was the label officially born?

NKK: Ghetto Disco Records was a natural transition for my Dad and me after the continued success of our "Ghetto Disco Show" which has gone from strength to strength. We wanted to take our passion for music and vinyl that step further. With a stream of high-quality re-work exclusives being sent into to be played on air, the opportunity arose to turn this into something more. The label was in planning stages for a while and has finally taken off this year :-)

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Our first release turned to Serge Gamesbourg. Having already impressed via contributions to Rahaan's Street Edits series and BBE, Gamesbourg has brought two incredible reworks to the table. "The Cool, The Hip & The Square" sees him reworking the track that initially inspired the label, extending, chopping and rearranging the killer disco original in all the right places. Arguably even better, though, is the B-side sensuality of "Bring Them Back Together", a glassy-eyed rework of a Philly soul gem that's as sultry as the come.

MM: What are your goals and plans for the label? Do you have an idea of what you want your label to represent in the music world?

NKK: This label aims to promote the high-end spectrum of the Disco edits scene with an array of prestigious producers that are popular within the modern Disco world. Each release will initially be limited edition to 500 copies with the opportunity to increase this, dependant on demand.

Future goals for Ghetto Disco Records, include an original 45’s series which will go under Ghetto Disco 45’s. This will come into play once we have tried and tested the Disco 12’s market and established a name within this realm. Ghetto Disco 45’s will be focused on bringing original unreleased (fully licensed) material to the market, which will help to open up the brand to a broader market (purists, time to buckle up!)

10275914_773410476016650_7042538262457395517_n (1)

MM: What challenges do you think prevents many other female producers and DJs from pursuing running their own labels? Or even performing (if they never make it out of bedroom DJ'ing).

NKK: Self-doubt. The inability to break mental barriers. If you want it, go get it and let nothing stop you.

MM: There is a lot of back and forth about the title of being a "female" DJ/producer, some believe that the title should be used to encourage all female labels and rosters, lineups to create equal opportunity and allows for more opportunities. Others believe the title creates the segregation that most female DJs/Producers are trying to get around being called. They don't want a gender specified title. Thoughts?

NKK: I am very neutral on this subject. I've always just gone with what I wanted and never let gender come into it. Never let gender stereotypes put you off aspirations, I say!

MM: What advice or message do you have for young aspiring females in the music world and young aspiring DJs who have an obscene love for Disco which gets an unfair cheese label?

NKK: Embrace it. Believe in what you do and do what you believe in. Always stay true to yourself and don't ever let perception hinder you.

Check out more of Natasha Kitty Katt on Soundcloud + Facebook

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