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Hey there, Texans! Have you noticed your allergies flaring up in the recent weeks? Maybe you noticed the drop in temperature and change in season? Well... festival season has arrived, and this year's Euphoria Fest is featuring a display of jaw-droppers that span more genres than we can count. Even if you recently attended the SXSW festivities, which is less festival and more 10-day carnival, you can consider Euphoria akin to baseball's opening day and my, oh, my what an offering it has for us this year!

Since there are more top shelf artists than you can shake a tree at, we felt it was our duty to dig deep and build a list of some of the undercards that might have flown under your radar while starstruck by the likes of Moby, Chromeo, and Pretty Lights. There are incredible acts up and down the line-up and this round-up is as eclectic as it gets, but if you free your mind and listen to the sets & songs provided you can at least get a feel for what OUR weekend will sound like. 


Capyac is a musical duo comprised of Delwin Campbell and Eric Peana. Interestingly story, these two went to high school together and reconnected some years later after Eric attended Delwin's show where he was performing as the sole member of Capyac. Shortly thereafter, Delwin asked Eric to join the squad! Their sound is incredibly diverse, and their range touches on everything from city pop to disco, all while seemingly broadcasted from somewhere in outer space. One of their latest releases contains a 9 minute long song titled "No", which can only be described as a journey that needs to be heard to be believed. Trust us on this and say "Yes" to Capyac. Peep their most recent mixtape!

Dr. Fresch 

First off, do yourself a favor and follow Dr. Fresch on Facebook. A daily dose of his hyper-genuine enthusiasm will brighten up your life. His authentic approach to the music industry shines through in his productions, which evolve constantly as his career progresses steadily on. It is clear we get what is on the bleeding edge of his mind and although he may go harder than some, there's a reason why he's considered OG #FutureGhetto. You should take what the doctor orders because above all else it'll be a TON of fun.


Yotto is well on his way to becoming a household name in the deep house genre. In 2015 he signed with Anjunadeep so yea, he's probably pretty good. I mean, if Above & Beyond releases and plays out your tracks... you have our seal of approval. Similar to Anjunadeep, Yotto's sound is deep, melodic, moving, and crafted to make you feel some type of way. I'm sure you've all heard his "Like An Animal" remix. If that doesn't get you excited then we don't know what will! Now imagine a whole set crafted like this! Yep, we're pretty excited about it too.  




Lemurian is a Miami-based DJ & producer in the rapidly growing "playa-tech" category of sound. For those of you unfamiliar, playa-tech, and it's brother spiritual-tech, come from a sound whose lineage can be traced directly to burning man. Lemurian's sound is extremely unique within this space, as it takes those familiar ancient sounds and rolls them in with creeping, lethargic techno beats. This one's a mind-bender, so make sure you've got yourself together when you come to explore. Odds are if you close your eyes for more than 30 seconds you might have a spiritual awakening!

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Magna Carda

Magna Carda

Magna Carda

These local hometown heroes are a veritable hip-hop super group that Austin is lucky to call their own. In the years since their founding, any Magna Carda feature on a billing is 100% guaranteed to be a jam-packed good time. Their name, a riff of the eponymous 13th century document, is an indication of how each of the four members are asked to flex their respective talents and passions. These all fall into place to produce a flavor of hip-hop that garners some seriously impressive comparisons. With a stage show featuring live instrumentals that channel jazz, neo-soul, and old school hip-hop, they'll serve as the most perfect palate cleanser that you could ask for.


Tennyson is a dynamic brother-sister duo from Canada. Luke & Tess began their careers covering Jazz bands, which eventually led to them starting up their own family affair. Since then, they've been making music, going to school, and touring on the regular. As you can imagine, these two are a talented lot. Red bull challenged Tennyson to make three EPs in three days, and well... they did. They've also put out releases on Fools Gold Records, OWSLA, and have been known to casually drop an album. You can expect their set to be filled with sweet melodic beats, moody synths, and a healthy dose of break-beat. Carefree chill out session to be had here.




We've been charting Flamingosis non-stop on our Disco & Funk charts so when we saw him on the line-up we got a wee bit excited. If you haven't heard of him until now, you're gonna wanna peep his soundcloud pretty much immediately. It's a landmine of amazing production; it's almost like whatever he touches is disco & funk gold. We have extremely high expectations for his set at Euphoria. Expect to be dazzled by one sweet hook after another and don't forget your dancing shoes! 


There aren't many groups that can set the backdrop for day partying quite like Poolside. These "Daytime Disco" dons dropped on the scene in 2010 with the universally lauded "Do You Believe" and have been spreading their airy brand of dance music ever since. You might want to pack the Hawaiian shirt and swim trunks for this one because you'll want to be prepared to dive headfirst into Poolside.

The Knocks

For the last few years The Knocks have been taking the indie-pop world by storm. The NYC duo has been churning out wholesome, happy songs that get loads of radio play but still hold onto the heartfelt soul that keeps their music satisfying without leaving that saccharine taste in your mouth. With an absolute bombshell 2016, including the release of their debut album, "55", and a huge opening slot on a massive tour with Justin Bieber, they're primed to continue breaking through barriers in their pursuit to bring joy into to the world. 

Pro-tip #1: Click here for Euphoria's soundcloud! Lot's of sets to prepare you for Euphoria! Guaranteed you'll find something good! 

Pro-tip #2: 2 for 1 special: 3 day Festival GA Tickets ON SALE! 

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