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Four labels that are helping progress the European Underground scene

These vinyl heavy labels are sure to grab underground dance fans by the heart.
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Spring has finally sprung and summer is in sight, it's time to get ready for the party vibes. We've found four European labels to feast your ears on- all labels are DJ friendly releasing mostly on Wax.

These labels have been chosen to be featured in this article because of their philosophy towards music and for their stunning ability to curate and design the work. Check out the labels below and show some support, because you will be hearing a lot from these labels this year and next!


Ewax Logo

EWax is a Berlin based label founded early 2016 by Simon Heslin, releasing exclusively on Wax. The label has seen both established names and rising stars, who take over the label for some Dubby techno, Blissful House and Deep Grooves. Names like Yamen & EDA, Ivan Iacobucci, and Julien Sandre have all been featured on EWax, newer names such as Angel Ramos, Katal & Two Diggers and are just about to get started with their Editions Series this year. That series will consist of an array of talent over the next few releases as well as forthcoming EP’s from TIJN, Akyra and Mike Sharon.

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Omena Logo

Omena is by far the most established name on this list, but for those that don't know, it's a Sweden-based label started by Tooli in 2014. Ivo Kiusaalas is the expert artist for Omena, designing the iconic vinyl art and all the graphics witnessed over the label. It's first and foremost a vinyl label -but no format is safe with Omena around- releasing digital downloads and their first tape released last year, they have more to offer throughout this year. We are getting a sneak peek on upcoming releases by Name in Lights, Seb Wildblood in April, an EP by Tooli later this year plus more to be announced by new and old “family members”.

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STRCTR is a brand new label based in France, who hit acclaim within the underground circles with their first compilation EP Fair. Their second compilation is on the way in April and with the styles and trends they've set thus far, this is a label we are expecting great things from. 

They contain deep house vibes that pay respects to the early years of the genre, and every artist on the label clearly has love for everything old school. In a world of conformists, STRCTR is doing things their way with no apologies. Any label that puts the music first is a cool label.

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Artesian Sounds

Artesian Sounds Logo

Artesian Sounds is the newest label in this list and they are set to release their first EP later this year. Although they are new, they are coming in with their guns blazing. 

Aleksandir and Emre Can Swim are the label owners and are working hard to progress the European scene, based in the UK at the moment and focusing solely on vinyl releases. There's not a lot out, but for now check out a mix by Harrison BDP done for the label.

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