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In Conversation: Trentemøller + Show Review

We sit down with the Danish legend to talk about his new album, as well as what it takes to be a cult success
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Anders Trentemøller is one of those rare artists that has, throughout his whole career, been able to truly push the boundaries and evolve as an artist, without ever not sounding like himself. You can instantly tell when one of his records comes on, because of the distinct ability to create melancholic yet energizing music. Take his cult classic remix of his own track 'Moan'. It's dark and brooding, yet full of life and zest. The album 'The Last Resort' set the stage and bar for not only others in electronic music, but himself as well. Fast forward 11 years and his latest work 'Fixion' carries on the legacy that his first album created, and has shown once again how it's possible for an artist to never rest on their laurels, without forgetting who they are. 

In the first episode of 2017, we were fortunate enough to speak with Anders about his tour and album, to get a real behind the scenes look at the process of writing the new album, how he fights writer's block, and what it takes to have a successful tour. 

On top of this, below is a review of his show later that night at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. Going into the show, I couldn't have been more excited or anxious to finally see one of my biggest inspirations as a producer. I've had his whole discography on repeat for months, especially Fixion. I absolutely love every track on the album, my favorites being Circuits, River In Me, and November. Although that's only if I had to pick three. 


Trentemøller live at the Belasco Theater 

7:45 - I arrived at the venue, unsure of the exact timeslots, but eager to not miss a single bit of action. 

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8:00 - Tom and his Computer take the stage with an eerie ambient set, that evolves slowly into a more upbeat and exciting performance.  A major highlight was when he randomly threw in a killer scratch routine. 

9:15 - 15 minutes after the band was supposed to start, the lights go dark and they take the stage. They open with 'November', and perfectly set the tone for the night. The band plays more stripped-back, raw versions of the tunes from the album, mixed with tracks from TLR and Lost. It's hard to pick any standouts, as they were all so incredible, but Circuits was just an all-out jam band assault. Then, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, after a momentary pause, the gated organ chords of Moan come on, and the entire crowd loses their shit. This was truly the moment I had been waiting for. Moan changed my life as a producer, both in the tones I used and the way I made music. This was the track I loved so dearly, in a way I could have never imagined. The band went off on musical tangents that took the track in so many different directions that it was almost chaotic but in the most epic way possible. Then they left the stage. 

10:42 - The band retakes the stage and plays 'Where The Shadows Fall', and a couple more tracks to send the crowd off in bliss. 

Overall, and as predicted, the show was a 10/10. The band was so well rehearsed and in sync, that their energy exploded out into the crowd. Where the live versions of the songs lacked the extremely polished layers of the album versions, they instead had the power of band with perfect synergy. It's safe to say that I will never miss another Trentemøller show. 

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