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Interview + Mix: Electronic Band D-Pulse Might Be Russia's Biggest Musical Secret

Their record 'Serpentine' is out on April 7.
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D-Pulse might be one of Russia's biggest musical secrets. They've been quietly bubbling in the underground electronic scene, and outlets like Thump have even noted that they are“Simian Mobile Disco's eastern cousins.”

Their upcoming record Serpentine is schedule to be out on April 7th, and we sat down with the boys to learn more about St. Petersburg, music in today's age, touring, and more! 

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! You're gearing up for a new album, Serpentine. What can people expect from the record? 

Thanks for having us. With this new album, we explored a different direction comparing to the sound and style of first album. We took a small step into songs and vocal collaborations to see how we can experiment with these forms and structures. But generally this is another turn for us and we wanted to make a footprint. Serpentine actually stands for kind of winding road with sharp turns leading you to the unreachable mountain top. Constantly evolving process of experiments with mixing genres and finding the right sound formula.

Admittedly, we don't know a lot about Russia's nightlife. If we hopped on a plane and went to your hometown, what places do we need to eat at, where are we drinking and partying at, and where's one random place we definitely need to go to? 

Well, speaking of St.Petersburg. We'd definitely recommend you to visit Kabinet bar! This is best speakeasy in town (officially) and our guitarist actually owns this place :)) As for partying, we have kind of underground nightclub district in the very center - Konushennaya square. There you'll find a club that suits your taste. And as a random place you definitely need to have a boat trip around historical center, I know it sounds too "touristical" but we have really nice city center.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the mix we're premiering today? 

Multi flavoured sound cocktail. We wanted to put as much current favourite tracks as possible so it turned a bit turbulent but hopefully with nice storytelling from beginning to the very end.

Thump described you guys as “Simian Mobile Disco's eastern cousins," but we wanted to know- who are you guys currently listening to? Who are you guys influenced by overall? 

It all started from old Soviet records full of space disco and psychedelic rock and funk elements. Then we went from French touch to Norwegian wave and stuck somewhere in between, doing yoga-techno in Berlin :) The list of current favourites can be really long as we collecting lots of stuff from underground house and techno to obvious trendy indie stuff.

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Hopefully we'll hit the road this autumn and by that time there are some new stuff in a pipeline. There are also nice remixes ready for this album so stay tuned!

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