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Interview: Crywolf Isn't Afraid To Take On New Electronic Styles With His Latest Project

His 'Skeletons' EP is out now.
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Crywolf's been making a lot of moves within the complicated chess board that is the music industry, and it's been paying off pretty well for him. He's been approaching his latest work with a calmer style, and the resulting work is a whole other dynamic for the talented musician. 

We recently sat down with the talented artist to learn about his latest project and learning how to make music for yourself!  

Hey Crywolf, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Your latest track is incredibly raw, and took more of an acoustic turn. For those that haven't taken a listen to the track yet, what can they expect?

It’s definitely an interesting turn compared to the energy that a lot of my singles have, but in general, there have always been really chilled out tracks on my albums. The unfortunate thing is that they often get a bit overlooked in context, surrounded by these big super complex productions. I wanted that to change with Weight, because it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. I knew it needed to be taken in and appreciated separately, as it’s own piece of art.

It’s definitely the most laid back thing I’ve ever made, instrumentally - I just sat down with an acoustic guitar at my friend Andrew Heringer’s house and recorded the base of it in one take. Though the instrumentation of a lot of my other stuff is more complex, I think the poetic melodic/lyrical backbone is the same throughout. I’d like to think that’s what ties all my music together.

A lot of people are afraid of branching too far out from the sound that kind of starts their career. You took a pretty big leap with Weight." Did you have any fears about getting into a more indie sound? Looking back on the experience, did you find any difficulties in going back to basics?

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I definitely had fears. Namely that people would be looking for a more high energy track from me and would be disappointed. But one of the musical philosophies I have held since day 1 is that I should always listen to my gut when it comes to what is good, and I should never let myself be influenced by what I think other people want. It definitely paid off here.

It’s always difficult making a stripped down song. The lyrical content and melody has to be *so* compelling that it can carry the entire thing, pretty much. I love the idea, though… of not being able to use all the bells and whistles. 

And on the other end, did you feel any upsides to having an acoustic track?

I actually started off originally making acoustic music long before I even listened to electronic music, so returning to it felt like a reward, not a challenge. All of my songs have always been composed as acoustic tracks first. I really think it’s great that my music career and following has gotten to the point where I can move around with my style and people still follow and see the cohesiveness.

What advice would you give to those looking to get started in music?

As I said up there, always make what you truly want to make, not what you think people want to hear. So much of art is being honest with yourself, and then being brave enough to act on that honesty.

What can we expect from you in the rest of 2017?

I’m going overseas in April to write my new album, and then coming back and playing a *ton* of festivals in the summer, which I am super excited about. Then, in the fall, I’m going to be premiering the revamped LIVE set, which is 10x cooler than the current one. I’m really excited for the rest of the year, especially because I have such a clear vision for it.

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