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Interview: Electronic Artist Max Cooper is Bringing a Visual Experience To The U.S.

His next show will be in Los Angeles.

Max Cooper has been touring through the US lately, and the amazingly talented artist has been bringing his show to the US. He's getting ready for his upcoming LA show, and we decided we needed to learn more about what his Emergence audio/visual show is set to bring. 

Check out his music and his interview below! 

Hey Max, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! You're getting ready to go on tour. What can people expect at your shows?

If you come to see the Emergence audio/visual show then you can expect an intense visual experience, sometimes more suited to an evening gig or sit down event than a standard club night. I worked with many visual artists and some scientists and mathematicians to put together a narrative driven live performance showing how beautiful natural laws and structures give rise to the universe, the world, life, and everything around us through the process of emergence. Or if you're coming to a DJ or live set then you can expect more of party, but still with plenty of experiments and excursions into things not usually part of that scene.

What are the major challenges that you face when crossing across the pond and playing in the US?

The travel is always tougher, so it's mainly the physical side of things, figuring out how to travel with minimal stress and getting enough rest between gigs. The gigs themselves and the people are always great, I always enjoy that side of things, but of course I have to play a little differently - I never pre plan any sets, I'll do my best to tailor each for each event.

You've been in the music business for a while now, and undoubtedly have faced your share of stresses. How do you maintain positivity and concentration on the music and avoid the brick wall that can be the industry?

I love creating music, visual projects, installations, working on collaborations with artists and scientists, that side of the work keeps me going. It has a degree of purity and satisfaction in it which is greater than the more immediate high of gigs and parties. It's an unstoppable drive for self expression that fuels it I think, probably at least partly routed in fear of death, like I'm trying to extract my soul out from inside my body and put it into the world in more permanent form.

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Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

The Emergence remixes LP is out next week on my label, Mesh. It's quite a monster, so much great work on there, I'm really excited about that. Then my next EP is out late May, a collaboration with scientists from the Babraham Institute Cambridge and Andy Lomas, visualising DNA structure and function in an AV and VR project. Then I have another collaboration coming with a great British artist but I can't say much more about that right now, other than that I'm mapping physical structures to audio forms. I'm also taking time off for writing my next LP later, which I'm looking forward to getting stuck into. Plus Mesh will be bringing some amazing new work through from other artists, with the ongoing experiments in how music can be linked to other forms of arts and the sciences.

Check out his remaining tour dates below.


30 - Los Angeles, Neuehouse [Emergence]
31 - San Francisco, Public Works [Emergence]


1 - Ajusco Mountain, Mexico, Sounds of Earth
7 - Miami, Trade [Emergence]
8 - New York, BLACK NYC, Brooklyn Hangar [Emergence]
15 - Amsterdam, DGTL Festival


12 - Offenbach, MTW [B2B with Dominik Eulberg]
13 - Brussels, Nuits Botanique [Emergence]
24 - Lyon, Bellona Club [L'Amour / OFF of Nuits Sonores]
25 - Rome, Spring Attitude Festival at MAXXI museum


2 - Copenhagen, Distortion Festival

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