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Interview: From Friendships To Parties To Challenges in the Studio, Nothing is Off-bounds for Dirtyphonics

Their latest Night Ride EP is out via Buygore.
Dirtyphonics - Night Ride EP 3000x3000

The trio Dirtyphonics have been rising to prominence for a few years now, and while their work always stunned us, their latest project, Night Ride out via Buygore, truly showcased exactly what the artists are capable of. With their showstopping production style and energetic songwriting, we knew we just had to sit down with the guys to ask questions. From friendships to challenges to working as a group, nothing is off-limits! 

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. For those that haven't had the chance to listen to your new project, what can they expect?

Our “Night Ride EP” is the most Hybrid music we’ve released and we are really proud of it! It takes its influences in Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Trap and then takes you on a journey through different vibes with Future sounds. We wanted to push our own boundaries once again and create something unique.

We originally found the title of the EP one night coming back from a ride altogether. The mix of intense energy, adrenaline rush and sheer happiness to be with your homies was what we felt while writing the music. It felt good, it felt right.

What were the major challenges going into making the EP?

We didn’t want to overthink it but we also knew we wanted the ensemble of songs to make sense altogether. The biggest challenge was to find the right balance between exploring a new palette of sounds and emotions while including our trademark energy and musical roots. The writing process happened naturally and was really fun! Being able to collab with Example and Virtual Riot gave an extra flavor to the sounds and pushed us to new musical territories. We are super proud of what came out, we created something new and it’s opening new horizons for us. On the EP, each song has a specific vibe and personality and gave us the media to express where we are at this point of our lives and how much new music keeps influencing us.

You're a group of three, what have been the biggest challenges in crafting a project as a group of three? On the flip side, what are the upsides in working as a group on releases?

Being a band is about sharing everything. The endless days in the studio, the long hours traveling, the shows, the personal life events, the victories, the laughs, the memories - everything! It can get frustrating sometimes when you can’t get your ideas across, but it also takes you places on a creative and personal level you would have never gone to by yourself.

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It works like a family: you have to get everyone on the same page (which takes some trial and error) and when you succeed it creates an unstoppable energy!

Overall, we wouldn’t do it differently as it also helps us stay grounded and appreciating every moment of the journey and face the more challenging times. When you turn around, there’s always a brother next to you to cheer you up and share happiness. So many times we’ve been on stage looking at each other and screaming “duuude we’re here!!”

Your music knows how to kickstart any party. What other artists are you guys listening to at the moment that can match your intensity?

There are a bunch of producers that are making sick music at the moment! We’re lucky to be friends with most of them and it’s so cool to hear what they’re writing.

Skrillex, Zomboy, Kill The Noise, Riot, Kayzo, Sullivan King are the ones we feel the closest to in terms of intensity. Most of them have deep metal roots.

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

2017 is off to a fast start for us! We’ve released a remix for Zeds Dead & Diplo at the beginning of the year, then our “Night Ride EP” came out on Buygore a couple weeks ago and there’s much more music to come out soon. Next month we’re releasing our long awaited collaboration with Bassnectar then we have another single the month after that and we’re already planning more releases. We’ve been on fire recently and we’re super inspired so expect lots through the year, maybe even another EP.? We also had The Prototypes remixing one of our OG anthem “Teleportation” and this is coming out as well in a couple weeks. The Prototypes are killing it and this is so cool to have the new guys paying homage to your music.

At the same time, we are gearing up for Miami week where we’re playing a bunch of shows and after that we are embarking on a big world tour through Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America! And finally we also have some super secret sick projects we’re currently working on that you’ll see popping here and there though out the year. We’re so excited for 2017, we feel more inspired than ever and we can’t wait to share it all with our fans!

Download the project here

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