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For those that haven't heard of Sofi Tukker yet, you're in for a pleasant surprise. The duo-team have been rising up in the underground scene for their catchy rhythm and addicting lyrics. The two were recently nominated for a Grammy award during the 2017 season, and haven't shown any signs of slowing down post-celebration. 

We sat down with the duo to talk award-season, living their dream, and navigating the music industry. 

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You've had a pretty big 2017 already and congrats on your Grammy nom! Reflecting on the past year, what have been your biggest highlights?

Every day has been a highlight in its own way! Just getting to wake up and go make music is the greatest, and then there's getting to meet and dance and share energy with so many people around the world, and then there's going to the Grammy's and stuff :) we are wide eyed and loving it all! 

You two work as a duo, which some artists have admitted in the past can be hard to do. What about each other helps make the work come together?

We love being a duo. It's so much fun to share everything that we are going through with one another and we have a really good relationship. We think it's because we are so different from each other in every way. We don't fight and we both take criticism well. It helps that neither of us have a good memory haha!

You've been in the music business for a minute now. What advice would you wish you knew before you dove into dealing with the business side of things?

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Only work with really good people with integrity. And make music that you love! 

What artists are you currently listening to?

We are listening to such different stuff although we spend so much time together that we end up sharing a lot.

Sophie: just got to show Tucker some of my favorite singers the other day: Mayra Andrade, Sara Tavares, and Céu.

Tucker: we just bonded over "Welcome to Atlanta" too. It's really all over the place. and house music 24/7 :)

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Lots of touring, lots of new music, lots of fun.

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