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Interview: Jynx Are the Duo Getting Ready to Change the Dance World

Their 'Sandstorm' EP is out now.
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Jynx is admittedly not a big group, but their music captured our eyes and ears as soon as we stumbled upon them a little ways back. We decided to sit down with the duo to learn more about their music process, and what we can expect from them in the future. 

Hey Jynx, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! You’re getting ready for an EP. What can people expect?

Thanks for taking the time to interview us. So, the A-side is a dark bassline driven club tune.. .which is a bit weird cause we usually err away from basslines, but Pat came up with this one and we both thought it worked well. The B-side’s a song a friend (Jim Friend) wrote for this girl from near where I live called Lydia Blackburn. He wrote it a few years ago but nothing ever came of it, so we used the acapella and built the song around it. The groove came out a bit like a swing dance tune, which is odd cause I’ve never spent any time listening to swing. I’d describe it as kind of funny, jagged and soft all at the same time, whatever that means. This track’s an example of a side of our production we’re still in the process of honing, so expect to hear more like it in the future.

Working on a project with a partner can be difficult at times. What are the advantages of working as a duo instead of crafting a work as a solo act?

I’d say it means you enjoy the whole process of making a song twice as much. Like any good  partnership you learn a lot from the other person and their different approaches. That's how our sound has come together really. Me and Jack have totally different tastes in music but we’ve managed to find this strange sort of middle ground where we align.

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Who are your biggest influences? Who are you currently listening to?

Pat’s been showing me some of the UK afro/rap tunes coming out at the moment which I really like. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Hunee’s mixes; he creates this amazing energy through his selection. And we always go back to Burial too. We’ve also just started properly identifying the pieces of music we each feel most strongly about regardless of where they came from. After spending a while listening to house and other club music we realised that the most enjoyable part is actually songs and songwriting. I’ve spent a long time listening to and trying to understand the qualities and technology in production, so it’s refreshing. In terms of specific influences, one of my mates from school days comes over to Jack’s a lot and works on tunes with us. One of the main things he’s done is help us to remove any barriers and preconceptions about what can work in the music. He’s a weird little bloke but he gets the best out of us. I’d say he’s probably our biggest influence right now.

What advice would you have for those looking to make a jump from amateur producer to being signed?

Try your hardest to identify what it is that you absolutely love, 100%, no question. When you find it, focus on it.

Finally, what can people expect for the rest of the year?

Lots of things happening - more music to come out before the Summer. Going to get out of London for a bit to finish the next EP off over the coming month. We’ve also got a limited run white label of two tracks being pressed up at the moment. Really excited for that come out.

Get their latest EP here

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