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With Lulleaux's brand new single "Tourist" ft. Patrick Baker now out, we got the chance to ask him a little bit about it. Be sure to check his exclusive Spotify playlist for us out as well! 

Congratulations on your awesome new single “Tourist,” we’re big fans! If you had to describe it to someone in three words, what would they be?

That would be: “The New Lulleaux.”

Where do you tend to draw artistic inspiration?

I just try not to focus on getting inspiration. Just staying open minded brings up many ideas that I can put into my music.

Your musical style has developed over time, and you’re now moving away from the tropical house sound. What is the current Lulleaux style, and are you keen to keep fans guessing?

I think the current Lulleaux sound is a poppy sound, still focusing on melodies but open to whatever I like. For example my remix for LNY TNZ single "Burn It Down" had some trap influences, while some other upcoming tracks are more chillout and groovy. I always try to add one catchy element that will stay in your head, and never ever leave again.

Your Radieaux mixtapes from a while back proved hugely popular, are you tempted to bring them back?

While I focused on my new sound, I was less focused on my mixtapes, but don’t be afraid, the Radieuax mixtapes are not dead and I will start uploading them soon again. In the meantime, there is a Radieaux Playlist on Spotify which I update on a more regular base. Check it:

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If you had to choose between the decks or the studio, what would you choose?

I choose both. I need my studio to create tracks on my own in a room where I can be alone, just by myself. But when I feel like it’s time to share it with the crowd, the best way is to play it out loud during a gig and celebrate those good vibes with everyone.

Which of your remixes stands out to you as a personal favourite, and why?

My personal favourite is my remix for LNY TNZ's track "Burn It Down." I stepped away from my tropical/deep house sound there, and I personally think it worked out really well. I got great reactions from people that never commented on my tracks before. I'm entering a new level in the world of electronic music, which is awesome!

In a fast-paced scene, are you tempted to write an album at some point?

I hope to make an album at some point, but that's a target for the long-term. I will release a lot of single releases in 2017, including the official soundtrack for a big Dutch movie.

Finally, what can we expect you to bring to the table in 2017? Wishing you all the best!

A lot of originals, with sounds no one has ever heard from me. The next single is the movie soundtrack I mentioned above, called "Sitting In The Morning Sun" - plus I have some very cool remix requests. Lastly, of course, there are the Radieaux mixtapes. 2017 will be the year for The New Lulleaux. 

Take a listen through Lulleaux's specially created Spotify playlist for us below... 

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