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Slugabed is a London-based producer who's been gearing up for a massive LP via Anticon Records, that's been gaining some serious traction with the singles released thus far. 

With that in mind, we talked to the talented artist about technology, the future, his music, and emotions in today's confusing world. 

This interview has been edited for clarity. 

Hey Slugabed, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Your latest video takes a look at technology and our relationship to it. As someone that makes electronic music, what are your thoughts about the way humans interact with technology as we become more and more immersed? 

To a certain extent "technology" (whatever that is) is completely an extension of being human. The two can't really exist without one another. As a species, we will most likely become more & more immersed & intertwined with technology until maybe even human beings don't even really even exist anymore in a physical sense u know what I mean. went a bit sci-fi there. You know they are influencing your vote using the big data, right? That said, on a personal level, I'm not very techy. I use fruityloops 4 and almost every file on my computer is in the downloads folder. If I open more than 2 applications my computer sounds like it's going to take off. The infinite wave video is actually a metaphor for our relationships with our own egos, man. (that's a lie)

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You've been spending pretty extensive time running Activia Benz, what have been the biggest challenges you've found in running your own label? On the flip side, what have been the biggest achievements? 

We kind of started Activia Benz as a hobby, but then as soon as u start putting out other people's music there's this big responsibility to do it well and create the right platform for other people realise how special the artist's music is. I definitely feel that emotional pressure to treat someone's art with the respect it deserves. conversely to that I am lazy and disorganised, so constantly battling all kinds of guilt and angst about it. but I think on the whole we've done a pretty cool thing. thrown lots of cool parties, put out tons of music that I LOVE. I'm not sure about biggest achievements, but overall it is a thing that makes me happy and proud.

Your LP, Inherit The Earth, is coming out on April 7th. What can we expect for the record? You're a seasoned vet at this point in crafting a project. What were the biggest obstacles in crafting this record? 

I wouldn't say there were any obstacles. It was a smooth journey. It just gushed out of me like a slagpot deskulling. hot liquid metal spilling everywhere. I was in a very particular headspace while writing the record. I was living in the countryside and surrounded by beautiful things. I made most of the music with my window open and when the music stopped I could hear the songs of about 15 different types of birds. at the same time, I was maybe a lil depressed and reading a lot about politics and war and capitalism and all that junk. My facebook feed is carefully curated to instill a whole heap of dread. the record is kind of about parallels between beauty and destruction, eternity and never ever ever, like, um like, it's about watching the world burn from the corner of a cosy pub, and the footy's on. It's told from the point of view of a duck who visited me during a very intense period of existential angst. In some ways, you could say he saved my life, or perhaps he was lowkey the one that planted the seed of fear in me in the first place. perhaps he just returned to reap the rewards. I still don't know if I can trust him, but I think about him a lot.

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2017? 

I'm gonna drink so much coffee I transcend to a higher plane, possibly via cardiac arrest. and make lots of music while doing so. might tour a bit. practice piano. watch this space!

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