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Jasper James at ME Miami hotel

Jasper James after his DJ set at ME Miami | Photo: Getty Images

Thanks to our great friends at Urban Junkies, Pacha, Café Mambo Ibiza, and hosts of the beautiful hotel, ME Hotel Miami, we attended a special streamed industry party, filled with proper tracks that kept the dance floor going strong. We thought we were only going to catch a set by Jasper James, but we were super lucky to hear when we got there that he would be going back to back Jackmaster. The surprise wasn't over though, Jasper got off the decks, to only pass the baton to one of Magnetic Magazine's favorite DJ's, Eats Everything! He obviously was throwing down a great time, but we were also excited to discover his friend, and up and coming DJ from Bristol, Lord Leopard, who would also play some amazing tunes on the decks. Be on the lookout with this up and coming cat, he told us he's got some heaters he's about to release later this year! In whole, the whole three hours was amazing: we heard a great bit of deep and jacking house mixed with beautiful disco and soul sounds of classics like Diana Ross and Gladys Knight

We caught up with Jasper to talk to him about MMW, dope tracks, vinyl + more:

Will Benrubi for Magnetic Mag: Good to see you man - How is Miami Music Week going for you.

Jasper James – It’s amazing! Being put up in a beautiful hotel here at ME Miami, the sun is shining, got all my pals are out here, so yeah it’s a good time for me. I think it’s my second time out here, the first time I was just partying, but this time is more work oriented, where I’m DJing a few different parties.

What do you think about Miami this week versus the club scene in the UK and Europe?

It’s a completely different thing. A lot of the clubs I have played down here have been club hotels, so they are not entirely focused on necessarily being just a dance club, there is just a lot going on. That makes a bit of a difference in a sense, but the parties have all been really good, people seem to be enjoying themselves, and getting down with shit so I’m pretty happy with that.

I really have been enjoying your DJ sets – can you name us few tracks or artists that have been putting in your sets that you don’t mind revealing?

DJ Spen – Craze at Midnight

Young Marco – Intergalactic Stellar [Cannot be found on the internet]

The Revenge – He’s from Scotland and has always made amazing edits, records and side projects. They’re always releasing cool, kind of downtempo disco stuff.

You also got guys like Dennis Sulta [Also known as Atlus], who’s been making techno heaters, but also at the same time making disco house jams and putting a fat kick on it.

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How many tracks you got in the USB?


Jasper James b2b Jackmaster at ME Miami Hotel

Jasper b2b Jackmaster at ME | Photo: Getty Images

I’ve seen you spin on CDJs but you are also talking about all these cool low key vinyl releases – do you spin vinyl?

Of course! But it is a pain in the ass…

Do you go record digging often or digitalize tracks from vinyl?

I usually carry about 20-30 records with me. Whether I play them or not, that depends how I feel. I always tend to digitalize the vinyl just so I can have it in both mediums anyway, so I can flex it, and play it as I please.

Any record stores you want to shout out?

Rubadub – Glasgow, 23 Precinct Music in Glasgow, it’s not there anymore – Rest in peace! Phonica Records – London.

You ever been to Love Vinyl in East London?

Yeah love, Love Vinyl. Shouts to them! I’m trying to think of more of my favorite spots that are going strong, lots have been closing down, it’s a bit sad.

Tell me about your DJ style.

I always go into a gigs unprepared; I’m big on improvisation and feeling out the crowd. I play as I feel it. Whatever the crowd is giving me on the dance floor that night, I try to respond to it. I try not to be too self-indulged, and play for the crowd. I want to keep it on a level where both the crowd and I can feel it together

Cheers for the time mate, hope the rest of your MMW goes great!

Big ups to ME Miami for throwing down an epic party with their amazing partners, Urban Junkies, Pacha, Café Mambo Ibiza who truly know how to organize an amazing time with a really cool crowd on the dance floor. 

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