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iphotographer Explores Being a Photographer in the Digital Age

The show will open on March 23rd from 6pm - 9pm.
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Being an artist in the modern age is particularly confusing, and being a photographer especially can be difficult in the modern iphone heavy sphere. Exploring the concept of what it means to use photography as their main medium, iphotographer looks to examine photographers and their interpretations of "capturing life through lens." 

"If everyone with a phone is a photographer how does one stand out?" is a major question asked in the digital age, and while it's not a question that can be solved in one gallery, it does force the general public to face what art means today. 

Featuring work from Jamel Shabazz, Stephen Vanasco, James Weber, Erica Simone, Hassan Kinley, Raphael Avigdor, and Ed Emrich. The Opening reception will be on Thursday March 23rd, 6pm - 9pm at Castle Fitzjohns, 98 Orchard St, NY, NY 10002. 

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