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KC Lights Shares With Us the Best Kept Secrets of Glasgow and Scotland

From pizza to shopping for records, Scotland is still a well-kept secret.

KC Lights and I share a home-country, but unfortunately for me, I left when I was eight and I have yet to be back. Missing my home and loving the talented producer's music, I knew I had to sit down with him to learn a little bit about what's happening in Scotland's nightlife. From visiting the island of Bute to pizza to dispelling Glasgow's rough reputation, KC Lights has myself and the rest of the Magnetic staff looking up flights to Scotland as we speak. 

Check out the latest track "Sundown" below and take a look at what he has to say below! 

Thanks KC for talking to us! First things first, we'd love to learn about Glasgow. If we were to fly over to your city right now, where's the first place we have to eat at, and where are we hitting for the best records? 

Hey! Thanks for having me. OK, well, there's a really great pizza place in the city centre called 'Paesano' that you'd have to try, so I'd say head for there first. I'm more of a digital guy - but swing by Rubadub, good atmosphere in the store with a great selection of records and some cool gear as well.

To go along with that, what are things we should plan to do that people might not expect from Scotland?

I spent most of my childhood on an Island on the west coast called Bute. All the way up the coast it’s an incredible part of the world - definitely worth a few days or more of your time for a road trip. Can't guarantee you'll see the sun at all, but some amazing scenery nonetheless.

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What are preconceived notions about Scotland and Glasgow that you'd like to break? 

I guess Glasgow has been trying to for sometime to shake the stigma of being a ‘rough place.’ As with every city, there are obviously some areas that are in need of improvement. But I feel its an actual fact that the people in Glasgow are probably some of the warmest you'll ever meet.

In terms of nightlife, whats the best spots to go for great music? 

Subclub in Glasgow has obviously got to be on the list, there's not denying it one of the top clubs in the world. SWG3 is also an awesome venue for the bigger parties, it has a real warehouse vibe. Up in Aberdeen The Tunnels consistently host incredible nights and more recently Unit 51 up there has had some amazing parties in its short life so far. Also, in Edinburgh there's Cabaret Voltaire and The Liquid Room, where MK and I played a really cool show a couple of months ago.

Finally, which city in Scotland has the best nightlife? 

In my opinion, there isn't a best. Glasgow really is a cultural and creative hub for the country with such diversity across the city and a lot of cool bars and clubs. I went to University in Aberdeen so have really fond, albeit hazy, memories of nights out up there. I have since played some amazing shows there and the crowds are always up for it. Edinburgh never fails either. And those are just the big cities. Everywhere beyond and in between you'll have a great night. Scottish people are never shy of a party that's for sure.

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