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Label Profile + Premiere: Treasure Fingers and Psycho Disco Gear Up For A Massive Dance Compilation

The compilation will be our April 7.

Treasure Fingers has been busy in 2017, and he shows no signs of slowing down with the upcoming Psycho Disco Debut Compilation out on April 7. His record label, the aforementioned Psycho Disco, is based in Atlanta, and features and array of dance tunes curated by TF himself, and every release has been a stunning surprise.

We sat down with the talented artist to learn more about his label. We also have a fantastic track off the compilation as an exclusive for our readers today! 

Check out both below! 

How did the record label start, why did you start a label, and do you feel that your message and goal have changed over time?

I started it mainly to have an outlet for myself with full control over release dates, artwork, basically every aspect of releasing tracks. It quickly started to grow as I began receiving demos from producer friends & discovering new artists. The message is still the same but the goal has definitely grown into a bigger thing. It's really cool building a tight-knit family of producers with similar interests who all support each other. 

What would you say are the biggest challenges in managing a label? Were there unexpected obstacles you ran into when you started?

A lot of it was managing all the small tasks that I hadn't thought about previous to starting the label, but dedicating my life to google calendar & spreadsheets has helped tremendously. A lot of the obstacles come down to funding, at least in the beginning. Without a big initial investment, you've got to find creative ways to cut corners, but luckily things have smoothed out & it finally feels like a "real" record label now. 

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Where do you feel the label going from now? Do you have personal goals looking forward towards the future of the label?

I think we're getting into our groove as far as the label's sound is concerned. So moving forward, I'd like to just step up the frequency of the releases, build the crew out a little more & most importantly expand our reach. We're just starting to get our merch going & I'm doing a run of Psycho Disco! branded club nights throughout the summer. I'd really like to reach a point to where we have our own stage at festivals.

I'd love to learn about ATL and the music scene there. People know it for its hip hop, but you're making dance music and are one of the only labels doing it that we hear of on the reg. What prompted you to open it in Atlanta, and what challenges do you find being in this city?

I moved back here after a stint in Brooklyn, mainly because it's SO cheap to live in Atlanta & our airport is a huge international hub. I started to question why I was paying so much for NYC rent when I was barely there, so why not go back to the cheap city with a great airport? The label could technically be ran from anywhere so that wasn't a conscious decision. The only challenges are not seeing my other DJ/producer buddies & label mates very often. Atlanta's house scene has been growing the past couple years though, so there's a lot more house DJs coming through and tons of new people moving here. 

On the flip side, what upsides do you see to making it in ATL?

It's a much smaller pond than LA, NYC or London so instead of having very segregated scenes, tons of musicians, DJs & producers from different genres hang out. Even visual artists, photographers, etc. It's great for inspiration & building support. You've got a pulse on every other scene. Granted I've turned into homebody, but when I do actually go out, it'll be like, an art show, or even stand up comedy & I'll run into a hiphop engineer buddy there. Big Gipp from Goodie Mob popped into one of my parties one time, that was definitely a moment where I thought "Damn, Atlanta is cool as fuck."

The music world can be daunting. What advice would you give those that are looking to make their own big break?

I think just being as original as possible is key, as long as the quality of music is on point. Which really isn't hard these days with a youtube tutorial for nearly everything music production related. Developing your own style & building a strong local/regional following is the first step. Taking it to an international level after that is just networking or catching a rare lucky break. 

What can we expect from the label for the rest of 2017?

The Psycho Disco tour this summer should be super fun. We'll start working on the next compilation soon also. Other than that, just a steady onslaught of boundary-pushing heaters.

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