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The Issue With Acid

Is acid infused music all it's cracked up to be?

If you read that headline and then immediately grabbed your pitchforks, good, that my first attempt at a sensationalized title worked. To answer the question I posted, yes it is, but while I have you here, it's time for this week's episode of the Lights/Out Selection. As you can probably tell, the focus for today's podcast is all about acid. To some, the sound of the legendary 303 is a way of life. To others, a bit sprinkled here and there is all they need. Either way, acid is essential to a proer raving experience. 

This week's episode features some of my favorite tracks new and old, from the likes of Dax J, Ellen Allien, Regal, and many more. In proper Lights/Out fashion, we start off nice and moody and melodic techno, working our way up into some full blown main room Berghain stormers, eventually ending with a classic psytrance track with an incredible bassline just for the fuck of it. Lights out, heads down, this is the acid experience. 

Track list:

1)  krankbrother - Dreamscape (Fort Romeau Remix)

2)  Two Sided Agency - Eyes Wide Shut

3)  Alien Rain - Alienated 4A

Recommended Articles

4) Ellen Allien - Landing XX

5)  Alien Rain - Alienated 5B

6)  Regal - Acid is the Answer (Dub Mix)

7)  Charles Fenckler - Stellar Acid 

8) Dax J - Reign Of Terror

9)  99999999 - 000000003

10) 99999999 - X0001000X

11)  Joking Sphinx - Course Poursuite (Electric Universe Remix)

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