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The Issue With Acid

Is acid infused music all it's cracked up to be?
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If you read that headline and then immediately grabbed your pitchforks, good, that my first attempt at a sensationalized title worked. To answer the question I posted, yes it is, but while I have you here, it's time for this week's episode of the Lights/Out Selection. As you can probably tell, the focus for today's podcast is all about acid. To some, the sound of the legendary 303 is a way of life. To others, a bit sprinkled here and there is all they need. Either way, acid is essential to a proer raving experience. 

This week's episode features some of my favorite tracks new and old, from the likes of Dax J, Ellen Allien, Regal, and many more. In proper Lights/Out fashion, we start off nice and moody and melodic techno, working our way up into some full blown main room Berghain stormers, eventually ending with a classic psytrance track with an incredible bassline just for the fuck of it. Lights out, heads down, this is the acid experience. 

Track list:

1)  krankbrother - Dreamscape (Fort Romeau Remix)

2)  Two Sided Agency - Eyes Wide Shut

3)  Alien Rain - Alienated 4A

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4) Ellen Allien - Landing XX

5)  Alien Rain - Alienated 5B

6)  Regal - Acid is the Answer (Dub Mix)

7)  Charles Fenckler - Stellar Acid 

8) Dax J - Reign Of Terror

9)  99999999 - 000000003

10) 99999999 - X0001000X

11)  Joking Sphinx - Course Poursuite (Electric Universe Remix)

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