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Hey y'all!! We hope that last batch of goodies was tasty enough to last you till now. This week we've got a STELLAR lineup of artists, many of whom we've not had a chance to show you yet! We've been crazy stressed with doing SXSW coverage so writing this one was a very welcome change of pace from fielding emails and scheduling interviews. At any rate, our break from running coverage is now OVER, so hurry up and listen to these killer tracks!!  

1. "Lambrusco" - Pontchartrain - Whiskey Disco

So.... Pontchartrain... If this is the first you're hearing of him, he is an absolute "Purchase All" on Juno. He's that good, and there's not much else we can say about it. We WILL say that if you know whats good for you, you should peep this one and the two additional tracks on "Date Night", which stands as his first EP release on Whiskey Disco. 

2. "Higher & Higher (Robosonic Remix)" - Milk & Sugar - Milk & Sugar Recordings

The original for this song is seriously hot fire. Now this "Robosonic remix" is jalapeno-pepperoni hot fire; perfectly spicy & sweet. The boys that are Robosonic did a perfect upbeat remix with aaaalllll the bells and whistles. 

3. "Rhythm is a Dancer (Jamie Lewis Remix)" - Diva Avari & French House Mafia - Purple Music

This right here is a re-mix of a remake of an absolute classic. Not sure you followed all that, but all you need to know is DISCO HEATER. Rhythm is a dancer... you can feel it everywhere... lift your hands & voices... you can feel it in the aaaiiiiiiir. I mean come on.. absolute classic. This Jamie Lewis remix is like disco crack for our ears. 

4. "Le Printemps (Original Mix)" - The Artlight - CondeDuque

So we'll be straight with you here. We weren't super hot on this track when we started to listen through it for the first time. But then 3 minutes hit. If you're anything like us, you'll replay this song again immediately after it finishes. We hate to sound cliche, but what a journey!!! Stellar work.  

5. "Talking (Up Tone Mix)" - Doctor Jackin - Doctor Jackin

Here is a new name for us over here at FFF. Dr. Jackin with a fresh new song, "Talking". Love this song, because it's super upbeat and suuuuuppperrr catchy. The repetitive vocals on top of that upbeat funky groove has this Funky Fresh Fire approved. Talkin, Talkin, Talkin, Talkin.

 6. "Broken Barriers (Tribute)" - Miguel Migs - Salted Music  

Super deep, super catchy, super full, this song is just FANTASTIC. Guaranteed to get you doing the head bob, the shoulder shake or both. Seriously in love with this track. LISTEN NOW!

7. "Everything's Alright" - Sebb Junior - Papa Records

This song has a real funky tribal bassline that just demands your dancing attention. Throw in those vocal samples and that's hwo yea do it folks. This one is bangin mate. Funky, deep banging mate.

8. "I Got Jesus" - Marcel Vogel featuring Tim Jules - Lumberjacks in Hell

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Wanna feel the Lord today?!?! Give this one a whirl. The power of funk compels you! The power of funk compels you! 

9. "Stand by Me (John S)" - Keith Sibley

This track is superbly produced. The build-up is perfect. Songs are added in one after another in perfection. Quite literally heard this track one time and knew it had to be added. Some serious disco & funk heat right here.

10. "Irresistable" - Shit Hot Soundsystem

CHOO CHOO!! Hop on board this slow building chugger and see just how far the good vibes can take you. 

11. "Dance?" - Night Tempo

So this is the moment where we open up our hearts and confess our love for the Hi-NRG goodness that is future funk. Sometimes its a little hard to drink straight from the firehose, but, with training, and an embrace of your inner j-pop star, you'll find yourself addicted to the all-consuming joy songs like this provide. 

12. "Never Used To Dance" - Ron Bacardi - Razor-N-Tape

This one's got that classic disco sound and we can't get enough of it. Loads of swinging strings and rumbling percussion on this one, its off the maddeningly stellar Razor-N-Tape release by way of the Caribbean edit mogul Ron Bacardi. 

13. "Somebody Else's Guy (Tech Support Edit)" - Jocelyn Brown 

This track has it all. You name, this ones got it, and Tech Support will throw every bit of it straight at your face. Step on up!

14. Selection from M. Caporale & Pietro Nicossia - Moblack Records

True story right here. We was scouring the great depths of the internet to find y'all the best songs from everywhere. (Seriously though, the best songs from everywhere) Somehow stumbled on these characters named M. Caporale & Pietro Nicossia and had to introduce you to them. Couldn't pick one song off the EP, so we said hey, how about we just give them THREE fresh afro-house tracks. If this offends you, we sincerely hope you will forgive us for this transgression. 

15. "Nights Over You" - Folamour - Roots For Bloom

To round it all off we'll give you this veritable masterpiece. You'll fall in love with the track by one minute in, and then by the end you'll be cursing that Folamour didn't release an "Extended Extended Mix". It's bright and airy and beautiful, and has the perfect driving bass line and high hat combo to infuse you with clean happy vibes for rest of your day. 

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