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Marlon Pruz - Press Photo

Marlon Pruz in Miami

Marlon Pruz is a name that has been circulating the inner circles of Miami's buzzing art scene for a couple of years now. A fine art muralist with a dash of street art style and bravado, his work is intricate, beautiful and complex. There is no wonder why this kid from Miami Beach is slowly but surely blossoming into one of the city's fastest rising stars. 

His art is truly unique, inspired by the fantastic and hyper-realistic world of comic books and dark dreams. It is easy to stare into one of his murals and not find a way out; they are seemingly endless with their hairline details and intricate symbolism. 

Marlon has recently teamed up with Magnetic Magazine and Teufel /Raumfeld to create a work of art on a pair of audiophile quality wireless speakers (Raumfeld Stereo L), fusing two things that he is passionate about, art and music. 

The speakers will be auctioned off with all the proceeds being donated to the charity of Pruz's choosing, The International Rescue Committee. More info is coming soon on the auction of the speakers.

Learn more about the IRC and their work HERE

We caught up with Pruz just as he was completing the collaboration to find out a little bit more about what inspires his brush strokes. 

How long have you been showing your work professionally and how did you get your start?

MP: I’ve been showing my work professionally full time for around two years now. However, I’ve always been exposed to the scene and lifestyle because I attended Design and Architecture Senior High located in the Design District here in Miami. We always had field trips to Art Basel and opportunities to showcase our work through the school. I actually got my first mural job because of DASH. 

Has the art community in Miami been supportive of your work? What’s been your biggest breakthrough so far?

MP: Miami is the perfect place for me to be in right now. There are so many new communities and buildings based just around art with more still to come. It almost seems too good to be true, because I'm living in a tropical utopia that not only embraces art but plays an important role in how Miami is maturing and respected. I feel as though Miami is a 23-year-old starting to figure life out and I am growing with it. I would say my biggest break is something I can’t talk about right now but will be announcing soon. Other than that I would say the mural I painted inside the nightclub Basement Miami. 

What artists in the current contemporary scene (both fine and street art) inspire you?

MP: That’s a super hard question because there are so many for so many different things. Illustrators such as Kim Jung Gis and Katsuhiro Otomo are some of my favorites just to keep it short because the answer to this question can go on and on. 

Marlon Pruz x Raumfeld

Marlon Pruz x Raumfeld 

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When approaching the speaker mural project what were some of your inspirations?

MP: Some of my inspirations for this project came from neoclassical etchings of columns. I wanted to create a design the worked with the actual shape of the speakers. Something that almost looks like its own structure and holds its own weight when placed in someone’s home or space.

What are your thoughts on the Miami art scene overall? Do you ever see yourself relocating to a city like New York or Los Angeles as your career takes off?

MP: The Miami art scene is a blossoming flower that is rapidly expanding with roots that are branching off into every neighborhood and area of Miami. It’s bringing color and attention to communities such as Hialeah and Little Haiti and becoming a city not just known for its parties and superficiality. Even though the superficiality is still part of the Miami charm, I think it’s the mixture of the Miami lifestyle along with art is what makes the scene in Miami so unique. I could see myself moving to one of those places once Miami sinks underwater. Until then, Miami will be my home base from where I travel to places such as New York and Los Angeles. 

Music is a huge inspiration for you. What style of music is your favorite? Any favorite DJs/Producers?

MP: When I draw, I usually listen to rap music or anything with a good beat to it. When I’m drawing and listening to this music, every marker stroke is a beat in the song I’m listening to. Without me even noticing my hand follows the tempo of the song and every time my pen touches the surface it is in synch with the beat. Some of the people I have been listening to include Kodak Black, Young Thug, UGK, Bone Thugs N' Harmony, Suicide Boys, Metro Zu, and random things I find on Soundcloud. just to name a few. 

The Marlon Pruz x Raumfeld collaboration is to be auctioned off to charity, who have you decided on?

MP: I’m donating the proceeds to the International Rescue Committee, which will help save Syrian refugee families in crisis. The conflict that is occurring there is almost impossible to truly understand by someone who lives in a place that is almost close to perfect. Every day I think about how easily I could have been someone born in Syria and have those atrocities be my reality. Having everything and everyone I know bombed to ruins and not being able to get out. This is why I’m making sure that the charity I donate too is reliable and uses the money efficiently to help those in need. 

What is one important thing that people should know about you?

MP: I don’t have a Large Intestine anymore

What do the next five years look like for you? Are there any big plans in the works?

MP: Hopefully in the next five years I am living comfortably off my art and my clothing brand as well as beginning to start my artist agency. Also continuing to explore different art techniques and methods to create the images I have in my head. 

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