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Premiere + Guide: TT the Artist and Mighty Mark Show Us Why Baltimore is the Best

"Give Em What They Want" is out via Moveltraxx.

Baltimore is often an underrated part of the US, and one of the major reasons why we love the city is because of the bubbling nightlife and music culture. TT the Artist and Mighty Mark are two names at the top of Baltimore's club and music scene, and today we've got something really exciting for all of our readers. 

The duo give us what we want in the form of their track "Give Em What They Want;" they've also supplied us with an essential guide to do their city like a local. From happy hour to clubbing to cupcakes, we learn Baltimore from those that know the city like the back of their hand. 

Mighty Mark:


The Crown

The crown has been like a melting pot for new music in the city. One night you can find a video game tournament, the next night you have the urban crowd jamming to Migos and on the weekend you can see Bmore dancers rocking off to Bmore Club.

Lights Carry Out 

My favorite place to get a chicken box right now is across the street from one of my childhood friends mother's house on Greenmount Ave. Nothing like a Baltimore Chicken box with a half and half. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.13.11 AM

Gold Room Music and Media Studio 

I actually own this studio and it has been a real cool creative space. We don't have too many pro studios that have good Bmore club music coming out

Inner Harbor

This is a major landmark for the city. On a nice spring or summer, there is nothing better than walking along the water or hopping in a water taxi to enjoy the scenery.

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For Rent Shoes 

They always have some exclusive gear and are very support of the local arts and music scenes 

TT the Artist: 

Aloha Sushi 

They have the best happy hour specials and Karaoke in the city

Horseshoe Casino

If you are looking for 24hrs entertainment, food and drinks in Baltimore this is the place. 

Red Emma's Bookstore

Part bookstore and vegan eats, Red Emma's is acollectively-run, worker owned meeting grounds. Free Wi-Fi and located right in the heart of The Station North Art District. 

The Charmery 

The best handmade ice cream and Mike shakes in the city!

Cup Love Baltimore 

This bakery makes the best homemade and creative cupcakes 

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