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Krystal Klear is releasing his spectacular EP Danceteria/Keith Haring today, and with it, he's bringing dance music back to its NY roots and making music that's ready to break down social-economic barriers. As he notes about the track, "No matter an individual’s social status, sexual orientation, colour or creed, there was always explicit enjoyment and inclusivity within the musical surrounding." 

With that in mind, we sat down with the London-based artist to learn more about working in the music industry, his latest work, and listening to music of the past! Check out our interview and the premiere of his track "Keith Haring" below. 

Hey Krystal Klear, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! You're gearing up for the release of your track “Danceteria / Keith Haring." For those that haven't had the chance to take a listen to the track, what would you want listeners to know?

It's an homage to the sounds of the NY club sound of a certain period of time that has played a huge influence on everything I have ever done. I wanted to make these tracks emulating the same energy I see and hear when I think of that period in time.

You've been in the music industry for a while and undoubtedly faced frustrations along the way. How do you continue to stay positive through the difficult times?

It can be hard for sure. There's a lot of nonsense and bullshit in the music industry. The dance music climate has become even more ridiculous in terms of schmoozing, ladder climbing, and social media back patting, but I just try keep focused on producing things that are tangible and that I enjoy and that instantly breathes life into what can be a frustrating industry.

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Moving from Dublin to the UK must be a cultural shift. What were the biggest challenges in moving from Ireland to England? On the flip side, what were the biggest upsides?

It really wasn't that big a jump to be honest. I loved living in the UK, loved the knowledge I gained and the friends I made and certainly feel I owe a lot to the UK audiences and people for everything I learned.

Making friends was most definitely the best part. Especially traveling the U.K. with gigs and meeting peers that ended up becoming great friends has got to be the best part...that and Greggs!

Being in the music world, you hear new music all of the time. What artists are your favorite at this moment?

To be honest I'm not looking forward for music as much as I'm looking behind but some stuff I'm liking at the minute is the new Robert Dietz stuff, Sandboards guys from New Zealand, A band called Flash, the Mood Hut guys, Tom Noble, ANYTHING on Running Back and everything Invisible City Sounds are doing.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

A lot...huge amount penciled in. Could be my busiest most productive year yet.

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