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Much like the man himself, the title tune from Emperor's new EP, 'Shadow', is a dark and mysterious brooder.

Four tracks make up the project, which is the first slap of original material since his first album on Critical Music, 'Dispositions'. Conor Corrigan was previously lauded on THUMP as Critical's secret weapon and he's most recently been in close cahoots (not code for banging) with buddy, Mefjus (please see 'Hello World' and 'Hello World 2'). With that said, Neosignal Recordings must be thrilled to have swooped in and lured him back to their German campfire.

Emperor has confessed to finding it a bit of a ballache nailing down the intro and working the melodic bits into the main section of this track. But after finding a way to successfully balance the trembling melody on the outskirts of the neuro debauchery, and calling on Misanthrop to help mock up an intro - we can happily confirm, E- to the- M- to the- P has met his challenge head on.

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Switches galore and more atmospheric build than a Brue Willis movie... hush up and watch as Emperor casts a foreboding shadow over his competitors! Phwoarrr!

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