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Black Sun Empire are Rene Verdult and brothers Micha and Milan Heyboer. They are three hooligans from Holland, and their final premiere, 'I Saw You' is premiered here today ahead of their incoming album, 'The Wrong Room' which descends in full tomorrow (all about that instant payoff). We at Magnetic think it's fair to say they've got both a grower and a show-er on their hands with this particular track. Show-er. Not a shower. Although we do assume they have one of those as well...


Dark and atmospheric - 'I Saw You' is a shape-shifter; it drags melancholy throughout the tune like a man chained. That sadness is thankfully channeled, with the help of some hearty flanger reese bass (learnt this today) into something completely stirring and dare I say it, just effing beautiful. Siren-like vocals from Sarah Hezen completely saturate the BSE offering in vibes and cause feelings to happen in the black parts of your soul. Who said D&B can't do emotional...

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We wanted to make something dark, moody and melodic, influenced by the trip-hop from the late 90ies but with a BSE 2017 twist; this was captured by the vocals put down by Sarah. Making the final tracklist is always a bit of a puzzle, but we thought having this track last worked best. It's got a nice moody ending vibe. 

Yes,'The Wrong Room' is definitely the right place to be with an impressive assembly of the deadliest players in this arena of drum and bass. Pythius, Noisia, State of Mind (check out Caterpillar - it's the business) and Audio are all to be found here, kicking back amongst the album's fourteen deadly tracks.

Be a pal and help BSE celebrate their release with them as they return to Fabric tomorrow (31st March) with Sub Focus and 1991...  or if you're feeling lazy, a sneaky pre-order is probably the next best thing.

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