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Premiere: Jonah Levine and Mndsgn Show Us the Future of Jazz and Electronic Music in "Zootcase"

Jonah Levine's 'Attention Deficit' is out March 17 via Alpha Pup's jazz sub-label World Galaxy.

While Mondays are always a struggle, today has probably one of the hardest considering the hour we lost over the weekend. While we can't change Daylight Savings Time and how our society refuses to eliminate it, we have something that might help you get through the day. 

Alpha Pup's jazz sub-label World Galaxy is getting ready for a stunning release from Jonah Levine and his band, and today we've got an exclusive listen of the track Levine and LA legend MNDSGN have crafted together for Levine's upcoming record, Attention Deficit. 

"Zootcase" truly manages to highlight the importance of jazz in electronic music, and showcases the power that music can have when disregard for convention is thrown out of the window by those with classical training. What results is a masterpiece that challenges the listener on a multitude of levels and showcases the world that jazz is here to stay. 

On the track, MNDSGN explains: 

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"Jonah's an undercover G. He came by the crib with some stems from his record, but we ended up making something from scratch. The workflow was super fast & fluid. I laid some drums down in Ableton and we reworked a progression he had used for one of his other songs. His casual attitude to the genius that pours out of his mind is nothing short of admirable. I quickly learned that Jonah don't play no games."

Levine further noted: 

"Suitcase" is the oldest song I wrote that the band plays. I would have liked to record it with the full band but we ran out of time and energy when we did our studio session. However, when I decided I wanted to work on a track with MNDSGN I realized we could flip it and turn it into something completely different (hence "zootcase"). I went to his crib and played him the main progression and he just went crazy with it, adding drums, picking sounds, and telling me what kind of layers to play. The bridge was his idea completely but we worked on the harmony together. The whole thing took 3 hours. It is so crazy to work with this dude, I'm in complete awe of his talent and his ears. It was so fun and easy and I love what came from it. Hopefully the first of many.

Pre-order the LP here. The project will be out March 17. 

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