Premiere: Moglii's Remix of Phebe Starr's "Lavendar Scars" Combines Indie Sensibility With Future Music Charm

Her 'Chronicles' EP will be out on March 31st.
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Phebe Starr is an Australian artist that's not afraid of exposing her emotions and sentiments to the world, and her upcoming EP deals with her experiences in a raw honesty that's not always found in today's music climate. 

While she's been gearing up for a big release on March 31, she's been releasing tidbit and singles to prepare, and today we've got a stunning remix from German producer Mogli. The remix still remains true to the original's sentimental emotional artistry, but the result is a mesh of catchy electronic vibes with a new twist to the old favorite. 

On the remix, she notes- 

“I’m a huge fan of collaboration and I'm blown away when my song is reimagined. I love Moglli's work and it was such a cool process having him work on this track from the other side of the world. I love what he did with it.”

Listen to the song below. 

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