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Premiere: R&B Doesn't Get Any Smoother Than With Oddkidout's "Wonderfull" New Track

Sensual soul with modern vibes.
WonderFull Track Cover

OddKidOut (Butch Serianni) is a 21-year-old West Philadelphia-based drummer and producer who was hailed as a musical prodigy as a child. From there he's been experimenting with various musical styles and sounds to craft a unique blend of music for himself, and his latest comes in the form of "Wonderfull," a sultry song that combines emotional production with collaborator 1403's stunning lyricisms. 

We've got the exclusive listen for the track below and an interview, where we discuss the music industry, musical goals, and so much more! 

Hey Oddkidout, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We're premiering your track here today. For those that haven't pressed play yet, what can people expect? 

Well firstly, thank you for premiering Wonderfull! I appreciate it. But for those who have yet to listen to it, expect to hear an eclectic mix that draws influence from the neo-soul movement in Philly to the grittier vibe of UK electronic music. The groove is rather laid back and in the pocket, but 1403’s vocals smooth out the song and gives it a unique blend.

This sound is a drastic change. Do you feel that your goals in music have changed, and what does the new direction mean for you? 

I always have over-arching end goals that I want to achieve, but short term goals are always being added. And furthermore, I am always changing what I’m listening to. I make sure to not stay in one place musically for too long. I think my career will be a constant cycle of “new directions”. I intend to always infuse the “OddKidOut” sound into anything I do, but I plan to make all different types of music throughout my career.

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Who are you listening to lately? 

My favorite album of 2016 was Malibu by Anderson .Paak. It has that old soul vibe with a modern spin and I love how the two live harmoniously together. I’ve also been listening to a lot of The Police…can never get too much of them.

You've been in the music business for a little bit now. In the face of difficulty that one inevitably encounters when in the industry, how do you keep yourself focused on the music and art? 

I’ve been doing music since I was 6, and I’m 21 now. So I’ve spent those 15 years doing things I’ve loved and hated, but my love for creating and playing music always triumphs any doubts or aggravations I’ve felt. I was a touring drummer for a while and that was cool and taught me so much, but I’ve been focusing on my own artistry for the past year or so and that has brought me so much joy. “OddKidOut” is just another extension of myself that I get to share with the world. And music is more to me than just creating art…it’s really a cathartic experience for me to craft songs and I hope it instills the same feelings for my listeners.

Finally, what can I expect from you for the rest of the year? 

I’m playing some festivals that I’m excited about, including SXSW next week and Firefly in June. I’m going to be bouncing around between Philly and LA, and hopefully London, and in and out of studios collaborating with all types of artists. And the Full Circle EP comes out April 7th!! But I would expect some more music released before the end of the year…my team and I haven’t quite figured out what we are going to release, but there certainly is not a shortage of music in my hands. Also look out for some production credits soon to be released...


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