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Debut LP incoming from the Breaks boys!! Awhoooo!

Chris Page and Dan Havers, possibly the biggest teases in Drum and Bass, have been releasing sick single after single for the last few years. 'Arcade' and 'Creeper', 'Infinity' and 'Embargo' with Prolix, 'Everybody'... to name but a few. With a hefty dose of anticipation building up over the years, Magnetic were primed to blow our load over the release of the long-awaited Different Breed LP

One graphic confirmation of greatness coming up - SPLAT - blow our load we did! 

'Different Breed' is well filled out with 15 smashing tracks but our attention was captured by 'SWAG 2017'; a revised take on the 2013 track which spent a much deserved 9 weeks at the top of the Beatport chart. Dubbed four years back as 'the audio equivalent of the filthiest, naughtiest swear word you could possibly mutter' - you can only begin to imagine what the beefed up 2017 take on that is.

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Don't waste time imagining. Right here, right now, you can wrap your slobbery chops around this:

Next up - DC Breaks head off on a 12 date North American tour with Bad Company and Loadstar and you can bet this one will be getting a rinsing. 

'Swag 2017' is also the instant grat track on 'Different Breed' which is up and out April 3rd on RAM BMG - snatch it here.

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