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Premiere: The Legends Explores His Inner Tech Geek With Hardware Driven Track "In Love With Myself"

Out April 21 via Sweden’s Labrador Records.

The Legends have announced a new record called NIGHTSHIFT, and today we're excited to present a premiere for the latest song "In Love With Myself." The synth-heavy piece brings influences of eighties pop, funk, electronic hardware, and more. 

On the track, the talented artist notes:

"I’ve been pretty fixated about death for a long time. Since I was 8 or 9 actually. So in 2015 me and Elin Berlin decided to make an albumet about death under the name ”Eternal Death”. It seemed like very few people shared my interest in death. But the album it did cure my death anxiety so I’m certainly not complaining. I needed a female voice with a bit of edge for ”In Love With Myself” and Elin immediately came to mind. She did it in one take and it was great. Thank you Elin!"

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The third LP sees the artist channeling his inner tech geek, utilizing vocoders and analogue synthesizers for the project. "In Love With Myself," is catchy beyond belief and a powerful mix of brilliant songwriting and composition.  

Check out the track below. 

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