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Robert Hood to Drop a New Album Under Dekmantel

'Paradygm Shift' is his first LP under his own name since 2012.
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Robert Hood is gearing up for a new record called Paradygm Shift via Dekmantel in May. The announcement for his project was first released in 2016, but this is the first confirmation we've had since then for the record coming to fruition. It's also the label's 50th release, marking it a special moment for the label as well. 

In the press release he noted: 

“The idea behind it is just a shift in our focus. We can become complacent; we are so comfortable with our surroundings.I think this is the time for electronic music to find a new mindset. I felt it was necessary to reiterate as an electronic music artist who is bringing minimalism back in the forefront, and not to get lost in the melody. I want to get back to the simple repetitive programming that I’m known for, and to me it was returning to that and shifting the listeners’ focus.”

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Listen to a track below. The record will be out May 22. 

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