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Six Festival Essentials That You Could Easily Forget About

Did you forget to pack it? You know that thing you always forget
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Seriously—is there anything better than summer? With its sultry temperatures and balmy evenings, it’s a wonderful time of year to be outdoors both day and night. And with that comes what seems to be a three-month-long festival season. To that we say, “Bring it on!” Whether it’s an art festival, music festival, or other kind of festival, you definitely want to be prepared to be able to fully enjoy it. The conundrum is you also don’t want to be bogged down by too much stuff. Wondering what the requirements are? Read on for six must-have festival items. Put these on your list and you’ll be as happy as a dog with his head out the window on a warm summer day.

Waka Waka Solar Charger

A Portable Phone Charger and/or Solar Charger

There’s nothing worse than that feeling of panic when you look down and see that your phone is at six percent. Whether it’s time for a new battery for your ballin’ jet white iPhone, you haven’t closed a lot of your apps, or you simply forgot the overnight charging, this has happened to all of us. It’s all the more inconvenient when you’re at a festival and want to take lots of photos and stay in touch with your buddies. There are plenty of options for portable chargers (just don’t forget to charge the actual charger!) or, as this article from Mic suggests, consider this solar charger from WakaWaka. Not only is it handy for its ability to double as a flashlight for camping, but its competitive markup allows those in countries like Syria and Haiti to buy one, too.

Slippa Towel / Blanket

The Slippa towel folds up nicely

A Place to Sun Your Buns

Or, really, you’ll need a place to sit your buns. Many festivals are all-day and sometimes even all-night festivals, so you’ll want a place to rest in between jam seshes. If you’re the type who likes to be closer to the ground as you soak up the sun, one necessity is a towel by Slippa to sit on. If you want to switch things up while you’re there and/or you’re camping post-festival, you definitely want to invest in a high-quality lounge chair. We’ve all had those moments in which we’ve been swallowed up whole by a camping chair and, hey, you’ve got a rep to protect.

chemical free sunscreen

Items to Block the Sun

Speaking of sunning the aforementioned buns, do not forget the sun lotion. Sunburn and festivals do not add up to a good time! Re-apply every couple of hours—ideally with a chemical-free sunscreen—which can be hard to remember once some beverages have been consumed. You might even consider setting an alarm on your phone … it really is that important! On top of your trusty lotion, make sure to bring a hat, as this will also help to keep you cool. As a bonus, hats are oh-so-hot right now, so you should have no problem finding one that looks cute on top of being functional. And don’t forget your sunglasses!

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Zephyr Bag Image

Sleep on this... zzzzzz

Sleepy-Time Items

If you’re camping at said festival, you’re going to want somewhere to sleep. You can hit up REI and go all-out if that’s your jam. If you’re one of those “less is more” festivalgoers when it comes to effort, consider buying one of those blowup mattresses for the back of your car. And don’t forget to bring a warm sleeping bag and/or a blanket as, even in the summer, many cities’ temperatures can dip pretty low.

Snacks and Water, Etc.

Make sure to check the festival website for what is permitted, but the lines at many of these events can be miles-long so, if it’s allowed, it’s a great idea to BYOS. It’ll save you a lot of money to boot. Bring as much water as you can possibly manage to counteract any alcohol you might be drinking. Coconut water is even more hydrating, so you might consider bringing a bottle of that along with you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.51.10 AM

Someplace to Store Your Cashola

Ladies—a festival is no place to bring that 100-pound purse you’ve been meaning to clean out for a year. Less is indeed more when it comes to things to have on your person, as it’s less to lose and less to get stolen. Consider getting an attachment for your iPhone to carry your credit cards and cash or even an under-the-bra wallet

Have a festival or two (or ten!) on your summer calendar? Snag these must-haves and you’ll be good to groove. 

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