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Soundcloud introduces new paid tier called Soundcloud Go+

Enjoy your tunes offline and ad-free for a much cheaper price

Soundcloud's subscription service "Soundcloud Go" has been the center of controversy since it's inception last year. Since then, many users have expressed their disgust at the premium service for being overpriced compared to competitors Spotify and Apple Music, and locking away "premium" songs behind a 30-second preview. Even after a price drop to $10 a month late last year, user interest and acquisition has been on a steady incline.

In order to combat waning interest, Soundcloud revamped their subscription model this week by adding a new tier called "Soundcloud Go+." This new Go+ option will have the same features as the old Go and will be priced the same, starting at $10. 

Differences between the new paid tiers

Visual breakdown of differences between the Soundcloud Go paid tiers

As a result of this change, a new middle tier will now take the old name of "Soundcloud Go." The major and much welcome changes is that this tier will only cost $5 a month and will keep offline listening and ad-free play for users. Unfortunately, access to the 30+ million tracks that are labled as "premium" will be reserved only for Go+ users, with the other two tiers only havin access to 30-second previews.

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Whether this new tier changes renew interest in Soundcloud's subscription model is yet to be seen, but with a cheaper $5 a month tier and access to offline listening, it is sure to be a hit among streaming users who use Spotify and Apple Music alike.

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