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'Plasma Abuse' is an exciting new Scottish record label coming from 2 heavy hitting producers within the grime scene, Rapture 4D and Polonis. 

Rapture and Polonis

Rapture and Polonis

Their aim is to shine light on the more experimental and left wing side of grime music. The sounds they are going to be releasing and promoting will vary, but all push the same kind of message, seeing how far the label can stretch the ambient sound of instrumental grime.

The label's first release comes from a versatile and young artist called 'Aæe.' Born in London and raised in Brighton he has been producing nearly 7 years but only within the last 3 has he started to take it seriously. He delves into various genres trying hard not to be tied down by just one. His influences are mainly UK bass/club music (such as grime, funky, dubstep etc).



'U' is an incredibly dark and industrial E.P. using an eclectic mix of mechanical and obscure noises blended perfectly with the melodic sections within each track. 

E.P. Artwork

E.P. Artwork

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It's like a crazy blend of Murlo meets Mumdance with 'Aæe's' unique touch to it and I'm really feeling the vibe.

'U' starts of with some mechanical clangs, some tough sounding drums and then from the depths comes fragmented vocal samples that leak through until its drops in such a deep way. Then,every so often, segments change and become bouncy and make you want to move (perfect for in a rave), but it always returns back to that low sub driven bass that the tune originally dropped with.

For me, this is my favorite tune on the E.P. as it starts off in such a grimey way, using instruments that are reminiscent of the old grime scene days. These instruments then cut away and it becomes almost like a jungle track. With its fast breakbeats, but with the grime sounds layered over the top, its a perfect combo. Then just before the drop there is another vocal sample, it then drops with a full, fat bass line, dark and to the point. Then returns to the classic grimey sounding synths. The breakdown is epic and the second drop near enough tops the first. Definitely my favorite tune on the E.P for sure.

This track is not as dark as the other two tunes. The intro is more up beat. It starts with distant chimes and a low rumbling bass line slowly gliding through becoming louder and louder, building up towards the drop. Then some synths kick into effect over the top of the sub bass. It drops and the bass line kind of disappears, leaving the synths there to kick you about, Its a much more skippy track than the others but I like the contrast between the 3.

'U' by 'aæe' is out on the 14th march on Plasma Abuse so don't forget to buy it. Check out Plasma Abuse here and keep up to date with all that 'AAEE' is doing musically here.

Definitely look out for more music coming from the boys at Plasma Abuse in the future. Really excited to see how far this label will go.

Look out for more E.P. reviews by myself and make sure you have a read of my next grime and dubstep articles, both will be packed full of dubs. 


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