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A few times a month I will be bringing you a short E.P. review of varying sounds from across the spectrum of 140bpm. These maybe artists that have already solidified themselves deeply in the scene, or newcomers emerging from the depths. My aim is to push the sound of 140bpm and show how it can be bended and experimented with.



Coming with two very hard hitting riddims, Chad Dubz is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, within the dubstep world. His influences vary- having started out when he was younger immersed in Heavy Metal, he was, in fact, a part of a metal band up until he left to go university in Leeds. 

His first rave, which was the mighty Subdub, was the first proper time that Chad knew he wanted to get involved in the underground music scene. He had a specific direction with his productions in the early days, and he wanted to create music solely for Subdub. There's something special about the Iration system, and for a producer to want to create music directed strictly for that system, it's a real motivational drive to make absolute weight. 

Chad Dubz on deck.

Chad Dubz on deck.

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The E.P. Drained/Dubaholic is being released 31st March on the label UNITY THROUGH SOUND, a forward thinking independent record label that was built from the foundation upwards. They specialize in vinyl and distribute limited 10" hand stamped, white label records.

Drained : This is a very hard tune, the intro is mellow and calm with a few high hat flicks. Then, just before the drop he uses a really intimate sample of a match being struck. The drop is a stomper, with a deep sub bass that jumps around from side to side making you want to move. The second drop is even deeper than the first taking you on a journey through his own sound.

Dubaholic: This is a much slower riddim than the first and is a great contrast to Drained. It's a reggae infused sound system banger. Opening with a very echoed feel and minimal drum beat. The kicks and snares build up until the drop which in all honesty kind of knocks you back when you hear the depth of the sub he's used. I love the sprinkle's of brass instruments and Rastafarian samples that run throughout the track. Again with the second drop he changes the mood up another notch with a more elasticated bass noise which adds even more level's of darkness to the track.

Be sure to check out Chad Dubz via his soundcloud and make keep up to date with what the label is doing here. Below is Unity Through Dub's first release (001) by Headland from NZ and it's a great piece of production...

Look out for more E.P. reviews and premiere's in April from an array of artists within the 140bpm scene.


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