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MMW is absolutely bonkers for those attending, and everyone comes back with a story or two about the absolute madness that unfolds. We sat down with a few music veterans to learn about their craziest moments during the Winter Music Conference. 


Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose:

Around 2005/2006 I was booked to play a show at the pawn shop for made events. It was a stacked insane line-up that I was really excited to play. When I got the set times through my set was 5-7am pretty much the first one on and outside. It had been raining the night before. I got to the event no one was there, I was pretty sure this was gonna be really lame and I just started playing to no one in the dark, after about 20 minutes about 1000 people arrived and at about 6am the sun started coming up, the place was going absolutely nuts. That set changed my career, the next week I was getting bookings in places around the world I'd never even heard of, it was like the whole of House & Techno was there for that morning.

He'll be playing at the Coyo Taco on the 25th. He's paying back to back with Justin Martin, Harry Romero, Junior Sanchez, Harvard Bass, Ardalan & some very special guests!

Walker & Royce

Walker & Royce:

From Sam Walker of Walker & Royce

Back in 2006 was the first Sunday School for Degenerates at the Pawn Shop. The Pawn Shop was a converted pawnbroker that had two or three indoor rooms and a big outdoor terrace. The Sunday School party, it was like witnessing the birth of a new scene: minimal tech house had arrived. It was literally everyone who was hot at the time, Richie Hawtin and M.A.N.D.Y. and Loco Dice and Steve Bug and on and on.

It was epic. Every set was better than the last, crowd was amazing, everyone was on the same level. Naturally, we were a bit faced.

Mid-day rolls around and we've cleaned out the bar, and I've run out of cash which means I have to leave the Pawn Shop since their ATM was cleaned out. I go out to the street and start staggering down the block and I meet this random guy. He says he'll take me to an ATM.

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Now at this point, any high functioning person would be suspicious. But to me he was just helping out! A good guy. So I'm like, sure! Let's go.

We proceed to walk several blocks away from the club, crossing the highway, until we finally get to this mall where he takes me inside and brings me to an ATM. I definitely must have looked sketchy, all sweaty, sunburnt disheveled and totally banged up. It's the middle of the day.

I got my money out and the guy is standing there looking at me. In all of the fuss, I have forgotten who he is. Like I can't remember who he is or why he's there! So for some reason I conclude that he's my cab driver (??) and he drove me there. I give him $15 for his trouble and then leave... somehow I make it back to the Pawn Shop on my own, but I have no idea how.

In the airport on the way home the next day, I run into my aunt and uncle who happened to be in FL for some completely separate trip. My uncle took one look at me and said "god you look like shit"


Dance Spirit 2

Dance Spirit:

The annual pilgrimage to Miami every march is stacked pretty deep for us as we have been participating almost ritually every year since 2007. There are so many firsts for when it comes the Miami, even in our baby artist/clubber days. The first Flying Circus was that year at Nikki Beach which boasted and delivered an amazing lineup, hearing Underworld and Chemical Brothers play at Ultra, and nothing but fun and parties with friends new and old.

The best year to commit to memory perhaps was last year, we had played a Kindisch label party with the family, an intimate pool party gathering for our friend Michael Rosa, a crazy Friday night for DJ Three’s party at the Pickle and then we headed over to Get Lost for a 10am time slot. The party was starting to pick up a little bit and we got to play a couple of hours, after that we ate some yummy chocolate candies and Got Lost. We could write a book and what happened but it was a very memorable experience. (Reagan: I remember getting caught at this visual art installation on these analog TV’s with LUM. There were about 20 of them stacked on top of each other and in funky ways, and each one was displaying a different image, but they would all sync up occasionally, or make a bigger picture on part of them… I remember trying to figure out if there was some AI script programming running the thing. I think I lost a well spent 30 minutes there…) We departed after about 16 hours and headed to the Marina for the Listed party, Ship Of Fools, where Doc Martin, DJ Three, and a B2B with Philip Jung and Holmar of Thugfucker went off. The boat docked back to shore about noon and after that we ended up at Seth’s BBQ at the Standard, and started consuming cocktails and delicious home cooked food pretty heavily as the effects of the night/morning were wearing off. Around 5PM we received a call to play last minute at a place in Wynwood, so we headed over there and played until about 2am. After that we hung out a bit more and made a mad dash for the Airport for a 7am flight. We will let you read between the lines on this one but suffice it to say that Miami is a very fun week of celebration, fun, music, and NO SLEEP!

Can’t wait for this year!

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