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Micro Monitors

MSRP $299

If you are a mobile producer or DJ chances are you are using your headphones most of the time when you are on the road or set up in a temporary workspace. IK Multimedia has been working on making the lives of mobile DJs and producers a lot easier with their wide array of mobile specific audio gear.

We were quite impressed with the last speaker they sent us, the iLoud which is still a fantastic speaker for taking with you on road trips if you are looking for powerful mobile sound. However, if you are looking for a pair of monitors that can truly act as decent reference speakers for your production or mixes, the new iLoud Micro Monitors model is the best bet.


The iLoud Micro Monitors are easy to pack up and take with you when you are working on the road and also double as amazing "listening" speakers. While not suitable as a total solution for your standard studio monitors, the Micro's will can certainly do the job when you can't be in your actual studio. We've never tested anything at this size that even comes close to the level of detailed sound and overall decibel output. 

The speakers are simple to set up right out of the box, nothing too challenging here. Plug them in, link the speakers together and connect to your headphone jack via the provided 3.5mm-to-RCA cable. 

You can also go wireless via Bluetooth, but if you are looking for the best sound reproduction, we suggest using the cable. You can also have a separate device (like a phone or tablet) connected via Bluetooth if you wanted to switch sources on the fly.

Micro Monitors

The speakers themselves have a nice look to them, almost like a full sized studio monitor but with all the excess box removed making them slim, slightly rounded and slick looking. 

The speakers have threaded 3/8" mounts on the bottom as well as a kickstand that flips out if you are using them on a table top. I can't see wanting to mount these unless you were trying to make a house party pop or trying to dial in your sweet spot.

There is also a white LED power indicator that lets you know the speakers are on as well as when they are clipping with a flashing red indicator. 

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micro monitors

Mount them 

The back of the left speaker serves as the command center with all the key controls like power, volume, eq and cable connections. The eq's allow you to pump it up or flatten the sound depending on the room with 3db high or low-frequency reduction for more of a flatter sound. The point here is that these speakers can be easily be dialed in to get the exact sound you need. 

The drivers themselves are 50-watt class-D drivers that are tuned flat (they are reference monitors after all) and bump the sound through some powerful 3-inch woofers and 3/4-inch tweeters. The bass that comes out these little boxes might cause some head scratching; it's impressive. 

Micro Monitors

Or use the kickstand (table top)

I tested with hip-hop, bass music, house music, indie rock, jazz and classical and all came out sounding fantastic. Every range from the lows to the mids to the highs are covered exceptionally well for speakers of this size. 

These, of course, are not going to deliver all of the bass that a proper studio monitor would but that's not the point. This set-up is a mobile solution to use while you are away from the studio. 

If you are looking for a pair of really powerful speakers to take on the road with you that will work sufficiently as proper studio monitors the iLoud Micro Monitors are probably the best bet on the market right now and priced incredibly well at $299

IK Multimedia Website 

Here's a little demo, yes we put it on top of the monitor to make a point. This was recorded straight off the iPhone mic. 

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