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The Orfium x Magnetic Undiscovered Project -2db Surprises with their Cross-Genre Tracks

We kick-off our series with 2db.
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Kicking off our Orfium artist features, we have 2db hailing from New York with their broad-based bangers and anthems. Danny D’Angelis and Brandon Zemel combine to bring twenty years of DJ experience, bound to uncover techniques and tracks unknown to man. One of their most recent tracks, Ocean Avenue, featuring female vocalist, Vanessa Jamison, taps into genres most DJ’s don’t dare explore. 

You're a loyal Orfium user - what do you both like about the platform?

To be totally blunt, we love that our uploads don't get automatically taken down. Soundcloud had a great idea - give up and coming producers a way to share their music, whatever it may be. Mixcloud built on that idea by giving DJs a place they could showcase their mixshows while avoiding copyright takedowns by paying royalties the copyright holder. Orfium took the best of both worlds, and we love that we can post pretty much anything without fear it will be taken down.

How has Orfium helped you as artists?

When we had our Soundcloud deleted, we launched our own website so that we could independently host our music without fear of takedowns. But obviously, that limits our audience. We’ve been slowly building up our back catalog on Orfium and as of this month, all of our email blasts to our mailing list will feature a link to our Orfium profile. We want to make sure everyone can hear our music that wants to, and Orfium is quickly becoming a major part of that plan.

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You two just dropped a new record, Ocean Avenue, what inspired you both to recreate this throwback?

For some reason, the song just sort of popped into my (Brandon’s) head one day while I was driving, and I thought “man, that would make such a cool dance record if it was done right.” Before my career in dance music, I was a singer for all kinds of bands, everything from pop punk to hardcore, so that song was naturally a huge record when I was younger. So I immediately called Danny, and he was actually pretty skeptical at first. He knew the song, but just couldn’t envision it as a dance record. I went home that night and in two hours put the basic structure of the track together and sent it to Danny. He was like “holy shit” and we knew we had something. When our manager heard it with my own vocals on the demo, he suggested we try a female vocalist, which we were both skeptical of at first. But we gave it a go and sent the track to Vanessa Jamison, who’s an incredibly talented singer from L.A. The first time we heard the vocals we were actually in the studio with our manager and the email came through, and he actually filmed us going nuts on the first listen. She did an absolutely incredible job on it, we’re still blown away every time we hear it.

You have a big remix that just came out - can you share a little inside info?

We can! We did one of the official remixes for a track called Burn Brighter, it’s by a super talented artist named Pavlova, and it’s coming out on Republic Records, one of the biggest labels in the world. So that’s our major label debut. We also just finished up another remix for another major label that we can’t really talk about yet, but we can say that the record went double-platinum already and we’re super excited about it. Just stay tuned to our social media for updates on that.

Artist bio

The product of two New York area DJʼs efforts to combine their talents to create an international phenomenon, 2db is quickly making a name for themselves in what some see as an oversaturated market. But what makes this duo different is their desire to BE different. They strive to employ the familiar elements of everyoneʼs favorite dance anthems while finding new space in a crowded scene that often seems to be more of the same. Blending influences from all over the dance music spectrum, from their bouncy big room bangers to their peak hour festival trap anthems, the energy that they bring to each record is undeniable. Their work has been featured on radio mixshows worldwide including the nationally syndicated Remix Top 30 Countdown, and more recently they’ve seen their debut major label release on Republic Records for their official remix of Pavlova’s “Burn Brighter”.

2db is the culmination of a combined 20 years of DJing and production experience. Danny DʼAngelis brings his lifelong experience DJing to crowds from the hundreds to thousands, including performances with internationally acclaimed DJʼs such as David Guetta and Benny Bennasi at world-famous venues like Marquis (NYC), Pacha NYC, Webster Hall (NYC), Dusk Nightclub (Atlantic City), and more. Brandon Zemel brings his experience as a frontman for touring bands and a music producer to the table. He has previously worked in pop, country, and metal genres before finding his home in dance music, bringing with him a wealth of production and music theory knowledge that allows 2db to tap into techniques seldom seen in the dance industry. Between their studio work and their electrifying live performance, 2db has already been turning heads and is only headed upwards.

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