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Live Streaming: Great For Some Things, Not so great for others

From on the fly news to DJ streaming, the world of live streaming content is getting exciting
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With the speeds of internet access seemingly showing no end in growing at the moment, it seems that we are now fully realizing the power of the connected world on a global level, even Myanmar and remote countries are now "on the grid." Whether it be gaming, searching the Internet, DJ streams, live news or watching the latest movies and television shows, it seems the world is our oyster. 

The Look At Me Live Streamers & Amateurs (Pros / Cons)

With more powerful handheld devices it seems that anybody with a phone these days are recording their lives and showing it on the Internet. If a huge news story breaks, it feels like everybody becomes a budding camera man, filming what is going on and sharing it with friends. These live streams go viral and millions of people all over the world see them. Despite our rapidly declining sense of privacy, this type of visibility can also be a life saver. 

Think about all of the abusive behavior that is caught on video and uploaded to social networks, you would assume this would start to curb bad public behavior and increase civility.

What this has done is to change the way the world of news works, there are no end of articles online about how new media is killing the old-school form of news making, and how YouTube stars are the new celebrity. With stunning amounts of money paid to them, there is no wonder that everybody wants to join in the fad. Even if it’s just to stream playing the latest games.

What's not so great is online celebs and average joes filling the internet with garbage, sensational nonsense and just plain bad content. For every one piece of good content there seems to be 10,000+ terrible ones.

Gaming and the World of Live Streaming

When it comes to gaming, it is fair to say that (alongside the adult industry) live streaming has been used the most the most innovation. Not only does it allow gamers use services such as Twitch to share their gaming prowess, but we also have seen the rise of eSports. Gamers who make it into eSports are the best of the best and play for high stakes. With the tournaments streamed all around the world, it has tapped into a world where there are millions of fans who not only want to watch but also take part.

Another section of the gaming industry that has taken interest of course is the world of gambling. The best online casino sites UK available are now able to offer live dealers for games to offer not only a new security, but a feeling of immersion. Players will always feel more secure when they see a real person helping them win big, and the casino sites have manages to provide them with this.

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Netflix and the Growing OnDemand Content Platforms

Netflix, Amazon and many many more outlests are showing what is possible with instant video, and the age of binging has taken over. Moving into 2017 we are seeing more and more incredibly high calibre programming entering the space, so much so that there is almost no need to watch "normal" live television anymore except for the news. Ask five friends what they are watching right now, and you will see what an incredibly different response you get. Most of the time anyway. 

If the rise of live streaming and instant video has proven one thing, it is what the Internet can do for the common man. We now have entertainment at our fingertips, and we can even enjoy the power of 4K through our computers and televisions now. 

When will this world slow down and even out, only time will tell but for now let's enjoy the bounty of amazing shows.


DJ Live Streaming

This is always a questionable subject, because lets face it watching a normal DJ mix tracks together really isn't all that exciting, it's more of the "listening" that draws us in. From sites like to FB Live to Youtube, it's always the same thing with some added frills here and there, like parties revolving around the performance.

Boiler Room was one of the first on this concept and left many scratching their heads as to why you would want to tune in and watch. The weird party antics in the backgrounds at their live streaming events are always captivating, at least for a couple minutes and then that weird gawky voguer gets a bit tired. 

Let's just call this what it is, boring to watch and amazing to listen too. Sometimes it's nice to have a little visual context but it's the sound quality that matters the most here, if your stream doesn't sound good you will lose people fast.

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