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Things You Always Need When You Go To A Music Festival

Whenever you want to have a great time at a festival it's always best if you spend a little time preparing
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Whenever you want to have a really great time at a music festival it's always best if you spend a little time preparing. Unfortunately, most people do not invest the time that is needed to learn as much as possible about the event and how to prepare which often results in festival trauma [FT] aka "I forgot that." This is a really easy problem to tackle with some basic common sense and motivation you can easily navigate any potential FT. Here are some tips to help along the way and navigate your next festival more successfully. 

When you go to a music festival you really want to have a plan. That is practically the only way to be sure that you will maximize your time and not hit any potholes aka FT. Those that do not have a plan normally find themselves losing a lot of time at the festival. We've even seen people tweeting during an epic set and some dudes actually chatting with live dealers at Casino Room when an artist they really liked was playing. This kind of behavior is the first step in not getting everything out of a festival that you desire. Why pay big bucks to go to a show and spend all your time on your phone?

While it is obvious that too you can easily end up over-planning, when you do not plan anything you will not even know what you could do and what you cannot do. Stop wasting time and get your game plan together! 

Here are some basics that can help you have a better time at your next festival.



This is especially necessary when talking about music festivals held during summer. It is so easy to forget about hydration. When you do that the entire experience will be horrible. Keep in mind that there are some festivals where you will not have much access to water and other liquids to consume. You want to know about such unwanted situation.

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Fully Charged Gadgets & How To Use Them

We live in a world where gadgets dictate most of the things we do so be mindful to not let your gadget ruin your festival. It's fine to share moments and epic pics but if that's all you are doing it's time to reformat or not bring your tech with you. You don't want to miss everything because you were telling everyone else about what a great time you are having. 

We are connected with the online world so we want to be sure we document every event we attend in meaningful way. You will surely want to take some gadgets with you when you go to the music festival. 

The problem in some cases is that people do take the gadgets with them but they do not know anything about the charging options available. Many festivals now offer charging stations and there is always the sure fire battery charger from brands like Mophie, Moshi and many others. These extra batteries will keep you online and in touch until the last DJ spins. 

We should also highlight that you need a way to communicate with people in the event something goes wrong. A great way to do this is  walkie talkies, aka two way radios, if you go with friends - yeah they still make those and they work AMAZING at festivals.


A Positive Attitude 

Last but not least, if you go to the music festival without a willingness to have a lot of fun, the experience will not be great. You want to prepare and go there with peace of mind. If there is anything that bothers you, solve it before you go to have as much fun as you could. 

If you are having a rough time emotionally maybe it's not the best idea to throw yourself into a chaotic environment? Festivals can be intense and have little challenges along the way like lost friends, missed acts, and exhaustion. Make sure you are ready no just with logistic preparation but emotional preparation because that's almost just as important. 

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