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Now that I've come out of winter hibernation, it's time to get toasty warm and eat up all the tasty tunage that I've been missing. Like a bear emerging from his cave, I've been foraging for smackerels of the honey sweet sounds that are blog'ssoming all over the SoundCloud fields. It's been a rainy winter but that just makes the spring heat feel that much better and some of my all-time favorites Poolside, Lane 8 and Miami Horror have decided to start shorts season early with some unbelievable new tracks. Now lets pound these mai tais and go skinny dipping. Last one in the waters an orange loser! WOOO!

I have a bunch of other I loved so click HERE to listen to the full playlist on Soundcloud

"Everything Goes" POOLSIDE 

They're back and thank the sun and stars for that. I'm praying they drop an album before the summer really kicks off. 

"Aba" LANE 8 & KIDNAP KID, Anjunadeep

If you're seriously thinking about getting a one way ticket to one of the seven new Earth-like planets NASA discovered then you'll be needing Lane 8 and Kidnap Kid's instellar masterpiece for the roadtrip playlist. 

"Piano Boy" AMTRAC, Openers

There are no budget cuts for the good vibes that AMTRAC is laying down so get groovy and stay starry-eyed. The intro has a strong Tangerine Orange via "Risky Business" vibe going on and then BAM, crushing ivory melodies.

"Never Enough" SATIN JACKETS, Eskimo Recordings

It's springtime - love is in the air and if you want to gets swooning just throw on this babymaker. As Satin Jackets said themselves, "Sounding like a confetti-laced celebration, 'Never Enough' is a complete knockout." Or should I say, knock-up.


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I am getting major Talking Heads vibes from Miami Horror's freshest release "The Shapes" with a little Classixx and LCD to boot. I like they're not labeling this as an album or EP, just a conceptual project. Top to bottom it is very self aware of its influences and groovy stimulation. 

"I Wait for You (Ben Pearce Remix)" SOULS, Columbia Records

I'm not always gelling with Ben Pearce's tunes but this one is dripping with midnight shape throwing good vibes and needed to be shared. You'll be two stepping deep into the night. 

"Get To Know You (Kaytranada Flip)" NAO

Both NAO and Kaytranada are high on my list of wanna-sees at Coachella having not fully experienced either of them. They both released albums in 2016 and are unbelievably talented so be sure to check them out on the Polo Fields next month.

"Change" SLAPTOP, Sunsquad Records

New album from SLAPTOP gets two thumbs up and this is my favorite track on it. Give it a gander because he's mega talented.

"Nightcrawler" ZHU, Mind of a Genius

I mean, it's ZHU, enough said. I like to think he came up with this song while fishing with his pops as a young boy and started singing this song to the nightcrawler worm he was putting on the hook. ZHU can I get some clarification on this one, homie?

"Only God Knows ft. Leith Congregational Choir" YOUNG FATHERS, Big Dada

Mr. Danny Boyles followup to Trainspotting 2 comes out today so in honor of this unexpected sequel I'm throwing this top of the year jam on top of the cake. 

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