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New sound, battery and comfort improvements across the board

It's been an exciting year for V-MODA thus far. In the last few months alone, the company has been hard at work releasing new products to change the way consumers and musicians experience sound with releases such as the Forza In-Ear Headphones and the Remix, a speaker and VAMP hybrid. Today, V-MODA has announced another product from it's line that's been a long time coming: the Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphones


When the first version of the headphones were released in 2015, we were pretty impressed. V-MODA may have entered the wireless market a little late, but the features the Crossfade Wireless boated blew the competition out of the water. Not only did it feature a bluetooth audio driver for listening on the go, but could also switch back to a Wired mode with ease without a dip in sound quality. In addition, the battery life lasted for 12 hours, about 2 hours longer than the industry standard at the time

Since then, V-MODA listened very closely to its customers and has made significant improvements in the Crossfade 2 that make them feel like a whole new product.


One of the many improvements in the Crossfade 2, and a testament to the company's MO, is the new sound drivers. Using hi-resolution CCAW coil and two 50mm dual-diaphram drivers, the frequency response now ranges from 5hz to 40hz (where the first versionn of the headphone only went up to 30hz). In layman's terms, the sound on these cans are more balanced and dynamic than ever before

Next comes the battery. Fans of the old Crossfade's and new customers will be happy to hear that battery life has been improved for up to 14+ hours of playback. The headphones may feel a little heavier because of the 15% bigger battery, but the interrupted playback make this headphone a life savior on long flights.


Comfort has been vastly improved on. While the cushions of the Crossfade Wireless were comfy, extended use led to a lot of fatigue on the ears. After countless hours of testing, we're happy to report that the new Crossfade 2 features larger, softer and deeper cushions that solve its predcesors problems. An added benefit is that the cushions increase sound isolation, which was already an amazing feature on the Crossfade Wireless

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Lastly, the most requested feature from previous headphone lines is finally making a return: The collapsible headbands. A staple of the M-100 series, the CliquFold design of the headbands was noticeably absent for the first  iteration of the Crossfade Wireless, but now is back and is more flexible/durable than ever


V-MODA's specialty is allowing it's customers to customize their products however they see fit, and the Crossfade 2's are no different. 3D printed and laser-engraved shields are available with different steel and metal materials that will truly make your headphones come to life. In addition, the headphones will also feature 3 styles: Matte Black (previosuly absent) and two new colors- Matte White and Rose Gold


Users who purchase Rose Gold will also be treated to extra features: a Qualcomm aptX audio code, which in simple terms means that you will experience a higher degree of sound over bluetooth. V-MODA has commented that this quality is near CD-quality, which is some of the best wireless quality available on the market thus far


As a daily user of the Crossfade Wireless, the imrpvoements in the Corssfade 2 already make them a must buy. The new improvements in sound, battery, and comfort truly make these headphones a necessary purchase for travelling musicians or the average consumer who don't want to break the bank to experience high quality sound 

The Crossfade 2 is priced as follows: Matte Black and Matte White - $330 and Rose Gold at $350 (featuring the extra upgrade in sound drivers)

If you're ready to upgrade your listening experience, head to V-MODA's website to begin customizing your headphones HERE

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